Mixtape Movements: @Lincoln3Dot – Powaful: The Tape

Always “Every Gal Man“, always dropping a “Storytime” on Snapchat, now Lincoln 3Dot wants you to hear “Powaful: The Tape“! Featuring some of your favourites and new tunes with contributions from Dejour, Kali, and Jada K, Lincoln delivered enough music to accompany your Instagram videos, Snap stories, and everyday life. Get the Mixtape now on iTunes and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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Snapchat Global: Jamaica Edition

Jamaica is everywhere! You hear our music on the radio, see our people in publications and visuals, and you get a taste of our way of life via social media. Today, our little Island is placed on the big stage known as Snapchat. Today, thousands of users share any and everything Jamaica, from the food, fashion, humor, to their everyday living. Check out some of the snaps that were featured, and those that didn’t make the cut.

*N.B. Snapchat erases shared content after 24 hrs so many were saved as screenshots, or shared on other social media outlets. Come back to see new additions.

photo 4




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