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Gage Questions The “SSL” In New Video!

Dancehall Artist Gage has been having a good week. His single and video for “Wah Gwaan” have been getting quite the attention on Social Media as they found him reaching out to fellow Entertainers. Keeping the momentum going, he takes on a controversial case on “SSL“.

Directed by ShotByDeth, Gage tackles the Usain Bolt/Stocks and Securities Limited (SSL) scandal. With the question “Weh di money deh?” fixated in the track, Gage takes to the street, and gathers a few people into his Interrogation room to get the answers. Usain Bolt’s story has gained International recognition, and many are calling out the people involved to come up with the funds of not only the retired Athlete, but many Investors who have felt the burn as well. Corruption continues to rear its ugly head in Jamaica, but justice needs to be served. Expect a lot more from Gage in the coming weeks. Can we say he’s making a comeback?

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Usain Bolt and NJ release the "Country Yutes" album on #Jamaica #UsainBolt

The “Country Yutes” @UsainBolt & NJ Made An Album!

He dominated Track & Field, and he became a global Icon, and a household name. Usain Bolt has done what many aspire to do in a short amount of time, and he’s from Jamaica! Now retired, he sought to dabble in music, and has seen some success. He takes it a step further with the release of the album, “Country Yutes“.

Featuring his friend and collaborator Nugent “NJ” Walker, “Country Yutes” shows that everything Usain Bolt touches, will eventually turn into gold. While there are naysayers who doubt his foray into music, you can’t deny that the party boy will make songs for people to enjoy. He brought a few friends (“Bibi” Gardner, Kamal Evans, Jae Xo, Karanja Nelson, and NJJ) along for the ride, and gave us 14 tracks. Usain Bolt is not the first Athlete who fell into the music lane (“Bibi” Gardner is a Footballer), and that line is a long and historic one. You know the Schweppes, Bolt is bringing the A-Team Lifestyle to your speakers. Here’s to hoping he makes a small return to the other track as he’s missed over there (crossing fingers).

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.@UsainBolt Links Up With @SHODesusAndMero For An Interview!

One of the world’s greatest athletes, Jamaica’s own legend Usain Bolt stopped by (virtually) the “Desus And Mero” show recently. Hosted by Desus Nice and The Kid Mero, Bolt speaks about his new role as a father, being a Jamaican Icon, being naturally gifted but putting in the work to further develop his talents, experiences as a athlete representing the Caribbean, his thoughts on the Bounty Killa & Beenie Man Verzuz event, his role on Apple TV+’sGreatness Code“, working on music and more.

For those unfamiliar with Desus Nice And The Kid Mero, they are from The Bronx, NY, share Jamaican and Dominican Republic backgrounds respectively, have gained popularity on Social Media for years before starting the “Desus Vs Mero” and “Bodega Boys” Podcasts, and having the “Desus And Mero” late night series on Viceland and now Showtime. We featured them a few years ago as Desus makes many references to Jamaica on the “Bodega Boys” Podcast (Check it out here). Anything is possible, don’t take limits!

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@UsainBolt Talks About Sneakers, Life After Track & More On “Complex On Fuse” Ep. 1

Usain Bolt’s fame has risen to levels we can’t imagine, and life after track looks to be even more fun. Recently he made an appearance on the premiere episode of “Complex On Fuse” and did some Sneaker shopping in Los Angeles with Sneaker aficionado, Joe La Puma. During their time, Bolt spoke on growing up in Jamaica, life after Track, hanging with Michael Jordan, giving back to his High School, Sneakers,and working with Puma including signature shoes. Bolt copped a few Pumas for the road, were there any you liked? What would you have purchased? Bolt continues to shine even when he’s not going for the Gold. Check out the video below.

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@UsainBolt, @IAmYendi Stay Sharp In New Commercial For @GHMUMM Champagne!

It’s a celebration when the Track Legend Usain Bolt, and Beauty Queen Yendi Phillipps team up! Recently they teamed up with French Champagne producer GH Mumm for their latest campaign. With a tag line, “Celebrate Your Next Victory“, the two star in a Commercial promoting the popular Champagne. Featuring a lot of dance moves, EDM, and transitions from the party to the track, this looked like it was a fun shoot for them all. The retired Track Star sure loves his role as the Chief Entertainment Officer. You might need a well tailored suit to watch this one. Watch the clip below.

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@UsainBolt Speaks On Gold Medals & Settling Down On @TheEllenShow

Usain Bolt continues to take over US Media by stopping by your favourite TV and Radio shows for Interviews. Earlier he stopped by The Ellen Show to have a chat with Host, Ellen Degeneres. Here Bolt spoke on Rio 2016 and comparing the popularity received to previous events, creating Olympic history, adopting a Cheetah, and are Wedding Bells in the air for Bolt? Although Ellen received some backlash for a joke directed at Usain earlier this year, it’s pretty cool that they brought it back up at the end. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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