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Calypso Rose’s @MoLaudi Remix Of “Calypso Queen” Featured In “Mayfair Witches”!

Caught up with any TV shows lately? Are you familiar with the new series called, “Mayfair Witches“? This newly debuted series focuses on Dr. Rowan Fielding who discovers that she is the heiress to a dynasty of powerful Witches haunted by a sinister spirit. This supernatural thriller premiered on January 8 on AMC, and featured this iconic Caribbean track for a scene.

The legendary Calypso Rose got some shine during the debut episode of “Mayfair Witches”. A remix of her single “Calypso Queen” was featured in “The Witching Hour” episode. Released in 2016, “Calypso Queen” was remixed by South African DJ Mo Laudi, and was a part of a series of Calypso Rose remixes that were released in the same year. Calypso Rose has enjoyed an over 40 year career, is considered the “Mother of Calypso“, and has secured the title of “Calypso Queen” so many times, that the “Calypso King” competition had to be renamed to the “Calypso Monarch” in her honour. “Mayfair Witches” is out now for viewing on AMC, and for streaming on AMC+.

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Get In “Position” For @BunjiGarlin’s New Single!

It’s that time of night where someone wants to hear some new Soca, and we’re here to provide it! The Soca Viking Bunji Garlin is gearing up for Carnival 2023 with a bag of new music, and new vibes. If you’re ready to move your body, then be like the new single, and get in “Position“!

Produced by Keshav, Bunji Garlin kicks things off from the mountain tops. Calling all the lovely ladies, it’s time to get your bumpers in position, and enjoy what’s next! “Position” follows up the recently released, “Hard Fete“. Bunji commands the scene, and gives listeners a taste of what’s to come next year. Just like the Bot comments on Youtube, he never disappoints his fans. Are you ready for Carnival 2023? If not, make things right real quick. Time to wine ladies, please come to the front of the stage.

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OLDIES SUNDAY (Christmas): Red Plastic Bag – Maizie

It’s the last Sunday before Christmas Day, and we hope you aren’t under immense pressure to get presents for everyone. It’s also another Oldies Sunday, and we have another selection that plays in the theme of the season. We take a trip to Barbados to check out Red Plastic Bag’sMaizie“!

Produced by Mc Donald Fingall and released through the Pond Side label, Red Plastic Bag had to deliver something special for the holiday season. The song is a take on a classic Christmas song, but with Red’s signature twist as he speaks on the character “Maizie” who has been caught kissing Santa Claus. The story gets interesting as Maizie is being approached with questions about the man she’s kissing to see if it’s really Santa, or her secret lover. The drama-filled song became a popular since its release, and remains a favourite among Bajans, and listeners from around the world during Christmas time. Red Plastic Bag is a multi-year Soca Monarch King, and is one of the Icons of Calypso/Soca in the Caribbean.

Next Sunday is Christmas Day, save us a seat at the table.

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.@VoiceTheArtiste Makes A Dedication To The Culture With “Long Live Soca”!

When people say “Do it for the Culture“, some treat it like a trend that lasts for a couple weeks, while others dedicate their lives to it. The Caribbean is home to many genres of music that have influenced the World over, and Soca Artist Voice wants to make a dedication to the culture with the track, “Long Live Soca“!

Produced by Nikholai Greene/BadJohn Republic, Voice gets into the zone when he shares his love for Soca Music. It’s more than the Costumes, it’s more than the dancing, it’s more than the yearly events, it’s a way of life! Soca and Carnival have an extensive and rich history, and lovers and participants worldwide should celebrate them every chance they get. Voice does a solid job here, and we expect the dedications to emerge like Covid 19 becoming a pandemic in a short time. Wave your rags, wave your flags, and unite for the culture!

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Burning Flames – Swing Engine (1994)

Somewhere out there, there’s some Soca Music blaring through some speakers. For today’s Oldies Sunday selection, we’re taking a trip to Antigua. We highlight Soca Band Burning Flames’Swing Engine“.

Produced and arranged by Burning Flames Productions and released in 1994, “Swing Engine” was made for the ladies who knew how to dazzle and hypnotize, and were built for speed with what they got! A song that showcased a new era of modern Soca Music in the Caribbean, Burning Flames’ “Swing Engine” quickly became a hit for the band. The song’s cleverly written lyrics, heavy production, and storytelling elements made it a classic, and is still in heavy rotation today. “Swing Engine” or sometimes called “Swinging Engine” was featured on Burning Flames’ 1994 album, “Klatye“. “Swing Engine” has also been covered by School bands around the Caribbean, most recently by a Cadet Band in Manchester, Jamaica.

Since the release of “Swing Engine”, Burning Flames went on to make more hits, score more album releases, and influenced future generations of Soca Artist before going through lineup changes over the years. No matter what the band did, “Swing Engine” is still one of the band’s biggest singles.

Thank You Burning Flames For This Classic!

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Ladies Show Yuh “Teknique” For @NailahBlackMan, @FatherPhilis, & Salty!

Let’s get the party started! No matter where you are in the world, you can’t turn down a lil fun! We’re calling all the ladies, and we need them to show up for Trini Artist Nailah Blackman’s new video for the single, “Teknique“!

Directed by TheBoyChristian (who makes his debut as a Music Video Director) and featuring Trini Artist Salty and Bajan Artist Father Philis, “Teknique” is for all the ladies who know that they have the best moves. Nailah wants you to make the booty go “Bum Bum Bum“! When the temperature rises at the Fete, you only have one chance to stand out, and make an unforgettable impression. This one is for the showstoppers, the centre of attention, the hot girls, and the Soca girls! Father Philis adds his touch to the track by starting off with his signature, “Sweet girl…“, and Salty takes over soon after with plenty vibes. Time to make those speakers work, and for you to twerk! Get ready to fete.

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