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Ladies “Come Thru” For @RoySimmons_ & GBM Nutron’s Collaboration!

Trini Recording Artist Roy Simmons is no stranger to the music scene, but he has been consistently working on his craft, and growing his fanbase in the process. With only 3 years in, he has enjoyed heavy rotation on Radio, released an EP called “Pardon Me” that gained rave reviews, and he has made connections with some of the top names in Trinidad & Tobago. Still pushing the “Pardon Me” EP to new territories, he released the visual for a track off of the project called, “Come Thru“.

Directed by Pelham Goddard, “Come Thru” features GBM Nutron, and its something for the ladies. With Roy Simmons delivering smooth vocals and GBM dishing out some slick lines, “Come Thru” is one of the favourites off of the “Pardon Me” EP. The video provides a lil bit of a sexy vibe, but the twist at the end will have you rewatching it a few times. Roy Simmons looks to take his music to the next level, so get familiar with him today!

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Nailah Blackman, Father Philis, & Salty - "Teknique" on #TrinidadandTobago #Soca #PopMusic #SocaPop #13thStreetPromotions #Party #NailahBlackman #Salty #FatherPhilis #Teknique #Caribbean

Ladies Show Yuh “Teknique” For @NailahBlackMan, @FatherPhilis, & Salty!

Let’s get the party started! No matter where you are in the world, you can’t turn down a lil fun! We’re calling all the ladies, and we need them to show up for Trini Artist Nailah Blackman’s new video for the single, “Teknique“!

Directed by TheBoyChristian (who makes his debut as a Music Video Director) and featuring Trini Artist Salty and Bajan Artist Father Philis, “Teknique” is for all the ladies who know that they have the best moves. Nailah wants you to make the booty go “Bum Bum Bum“! When the temperature rises at the Fete, you only have one chance to stand out, and make an unforgettable impression. This one is for the showstoppers, the centre of attention, the hot girls, and the Soca girls! Father Philis adds his touch to the track by starting off with his signature, “Sweet girl…“, and Salty takes over soon after with plenty vibes. Time to make those speakers work, and for you to twerk! Get ready to fete.

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1K "Fancy" on #TrinidadandTobago #Music #PopMusic #Music #13thStreetPromotions #1K #StayActiveCEO #Caribbean

Kick Off Your Shoes And Build A Vibe To @StayActiveCEO’s “Fancy”!

Starting off the new week feeling groggy? Ready to call it a day and head home? If you need a lil energy, we may have something for you today. Coming out of Trinidad and Tobago, we have a fairly new Artist to the scene named 1K (a.k.a. 1K Stayactive) with the single, “Fancy“!

Produced by Joey4K Beats/Certified Beats, 1K is here to get you out of your stuffy corners and stressful environments to dance, pop a bottle, and enjoy the finer things in life. We may not always get to be in the Club, or a Yacht, but “Fancy” will have you forgetting all the stress, and you can build a vibe like no other. Kick off your shoes and put on your favourite dance moves, don’t let the pressures of life hold you down! 1K may be new, but we believe you’ll be hearing a lot more from him in due time. Get into the groove!

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Prince Swanny "Against The World" on #TrinidadandTobago #Trinidad #PrinceSwanny #AgainstTheWorld #ZTekk #TopFloorFilms #Caribbean #Trinibad #Dancehall #Music

.@Prince_Swanny Makes Her See The Vision On “Against The World”!

Trini Artist Prince Swanny has solidified himself as one of the top Artists in the Caribbean. Commanding a huge following, he has been ensuring that he makes quality music, and his name is brought up in various conversations. With plenty hits under his belt, he continues to stay focused, and cover more ground. Today, he released the visual for the single, “Against The World“.

Directed by Topfloor Films, Prince Swanny is seen having conversations with a love interest. Whether they’re overlooking the city from a high rise Building or taking to the seas in a Yacht, Swanny ensures his lady that he’s all about her, and they will be making great things happen together. Prince Swanny shows off his melodic delivery, and a vibe that many fans have grown accustomed to. With the strong work ethic he possesses, expect a lot more content from him soon.

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Machel Montano "Too Young To Soca" on #TrinidadandTobago #MachelMontano #TooYoungToSoca #Soca #Music #Caribbean

OLDIES SUNDAY: @MachelMontano – Too Young To Soca (1986)

As we come to a close of the month of May being “Child’s Month“, we’d like to highlight one more star whose career started in their youth. Today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from Soca Legend Machel Montano with the track, “Too Young To Soca“!

Produced by Eddy Grant and released in 1986 through the Ice Label, this song featured Machel Montano at the age of 9. With high energy production, Machel commanded the track with the prowess of a veteran. He expressed his love for Soca Music, and dared to defied people’s opinions of his being too young to Soca. He wants to sing, he wants to jam, so let him be! “Too Young To Soca” quickly catapulted Machel Montano to stardom, and opened up a lane for him to enjoy a career that has spanned well over 30 years. “Too Young To Soca” was featured on his 1985 4 track album of the same name.

As the month comes to an end, we’d like to ask all the parents or soon to be parents one thing, please protect the children! There are so many kids with promise and potential, and society finds a way to shatter their hopes and aspirations. Protect the yutes!

thank you machel montano for this classic!

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Masters At Work Ft. Puppah Nas-T & Denise Belfon - Work on #TrinidadandTobago #DeniseBelfon #Shenseea #MegantheeStallion #Lick #Caribbean #PutYourBackInItChallenge #Soca #HouseMusic #13thStreetPromotions #SaucyWow #DJFlex #PutYourBackInIt #NewYork

OLDIES SUNDAY: Denise Belfon Ft. MAW & Puppah Nas-T – Work (2001)

You know we had to do this. Today’s Oldies Sunday selection will be a little spicy as we take trips to Trinidad and Tobago and New York to check out MAW a.k.a. Masters At Work, Puppah Nas-T, and Denise “Saucy Wow” Belfon’sWork“.

Produced by MAW (a.k.a. Kenny Dope and Little Louie Vega) and Puppah Nas-T and released through MAW Records and Tommy Boy Records, “Work” features Soca Artist Denise Belfon, who is the lead vocalist on the track. Listeners would be invited a showcase of double entendres as Denise is need of someone who would take their “broom” to “sweep her yard” with emphasis on “put yuh back in it“, and “going downtown“. The song features a mix of House Music and Calypso sounds, which provides an enjoyable listen (a guilty pleasure for those who have a thing for double entendres and suggestive lyrics).

“Work” was a successful single for MAW, Puppah Nas-T, and Densie Belfon as the track charted high on the Billboard Dance Club Songs Chart peaking at #7. “Work” was popular in various countries including the US, South Africa, Brazil, and various Caribbean countries including Trinidad and Tobago. “Work” would enjoy a long shelf life thanks to various remixes of the track done by Global Deejays and Danny Marquez, Theo Schwarz, Riffs and Rays, and others. A remix of “Work” done by DJ Flex and Equiknoxx in 2019 became a viral sensation on Social Media thanks to various wining videos made for it on TikTok, Twitter, and Instagram. On January 21, 2022, “Work” would be given more life again thanks to Dancehall Artist Shenseea, US Rapper Megan Thee Stallion, and US Producer Murda Beatz sampling it for the controversial single, “Lick. Where will “Work” find itself next?


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