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.@BoyBoyOfficia1 Steps Out With “Bufu”

Trini Artist Boy Boy has been one of the big names in the “Trinibad” movement for quite some time, and he looks to become a bigger name on a global level. With a number of hits in his catalogue, he brings a style and persona that quickly gained him a following. All about making big moves, he recently released the visual for the track, “Bufu“.

Directed by Romael, “Bufu” finds Boy Boy bringing some aggression. Shot in New York, the Artist rolls through the city with his crew, and makes it clear that he’s ready for whatever if the Opps think they have the upper hand. The single was produced by The FaNaTiX and released through 23 Formation, and it features some NY Drill sounds that fit well with Boy Boy’s in your face lyrics. The current wave of Trinibad Artists continue to make noise around and outside the Caribbean, and we can expect even more from Boy Boy later this year.

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Byron Messia’s “Talibans” Hits 10 Million Views Milestone

St. Kitts and Nevis-based Recording Artist Byron Messia is one of the hottest acts to emerge out the Caribbean in recent time. The Artist has been delivering to the world a unique Dancehall sound and energy, and has quickly gained a following in Jamaica, and other parts of the Caribbean. He already possesses a large catalogue that includes a number of projects and singles, has secured millions of plays on various music streaming platforms, and gained viral success numerous times on Social Media. He recently celebrated a milestone for one of his biggest singles, “Talibans”.

The music video for Byron Messia’s “Talibans” recently surpassed the 10 Million views mark on video streaming site, Youtube. The Neatz Films-directed visual was released on January 20, and featured cameos from Trinidadian Artist Prince Swanny, and Jamaican Dancehall Artist Jada Kingdom. “Talibans” quickly gained a spot on Youtube’sTrending” chart after its release, and helped to propel Messia’s “No Love” album to more territories. “Talibans” was produced by Ztekk Records and Ej Fya, and was track 10 on the “No Love” album which was released on January 20. 

As a part of the celebration for the success of “Talibans”, Byron Messia took to Social Media to preview an upcoming single called, “Most Hated”, and assured fans that a new album called, “Sad & Famous” is close to completion. Messia is still promoting his “No Love” album, and is currently promoting a collaboration with Jamaican Dancehall Artist Govana called, “Stranger To Happiness”, which has been gaining traction regionally and Internationally.

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"Two Of Cards" App a.k.a. "Strip Me" on #Jamaica #Barbados #TrinidadandTobago #App #Gaming #CardGame #PlayingCards #iOS #MacOS #AndroidOS #iPhone #Android #Caribbean #SoftwareDeveloper #KenardoSmith

Jamaican Software Developer Turns Classic Card Game “Strip Me” Into New App!

Growing up in the Caribbean, playing outside was the order of the day. Before the advent of the Internet as we know it, ring games, sports, and many other activities would dominate a child’s life, and would be remembered fondly. With the increase of technology, many of our pastimes have been fading away from regular use, and online activities have taken over. While many would show their displeasure, Jamaican Software Developer Kenardo Smith takes utilizes the power of modern Tech to incorporate some of our favourite pastimes. On January 16, he launched his latest App called, “Two Of Cards”!

“Two Of Cards” is the latest Caribbean gaming App developed by Kenardo Smith through K.I.S.S. Games. The App follows up Smith’s “ABC Fast Or Slow”, which was released in January 2020, and was widely success as it gained thousands of downloads between the iOS and Android platforms, and received praises on Social Media, and on, and “Two Of Cards” is the digital version of the “Strip Me” card game from Jamaica, or the “Suck The Well” card game from Barbados and Trinidad & Tobago, and requires two players alternatively playing various cards with one having the better card, and the other rewarding that player till either party’s hand is empty, deeming the rewarded the victor.

 “Two Of Cards” is a Freeminum App, which means it’s ad-supported, and offers in-app purchases that will enhance the user’s experience. The App is available on iOS, MacOS, and Android platforms, requiring users to have iOS 11.0 and up, MacOS 11.0 or later, or Android OS 5.0 or later installed on their respective devices. Kenardo Smith will be updating the game through a series of App updates in the future. 

“Two Of Cards” is now available in the Google Play Store, and the Mac and iOS App Stores. For more information on the game and more, visit, and follow @TwoOfCards on Instagram. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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Calypso Rose’s @MoLaudi Remix Of “Calypso Queen” Featured In “Mayfair Witches”!

Caught up with any TV shows lately? Are you familiar with the new series called, “Mayfair Witches“? This newly debuted series focuses on Dr. Rowan Fielding who discovers that she is the heiress to a dynasty of powerful Witches haunted by a sinister spirit. This supernatural thriller premiered on January 8 on AMC, and featured this iconic Caribbean track for a scene.

The legendary Calypso Rose got some shine during the debut episode of “Mayfair Witches”. A remix of her single “Calypso Queen” was featured in “The Witching Hour” episode. Released in 2016, “Calypso Queen” was remixed by South African DJ Mo Laudi, and was a part of a series of Calypso Rose remixes that were released in the same year. Calypso Rose has enjoyed an over 40 year career, is considered the “Mother of Calypso“, and has secured the title of “Calypso Queen” so many times, that the “Calypso King” competition had to be renamed to the “Calypso Monarch” in her honour. “Mayfair Witches” is out now for viewing on AMC, and for streaming on AMC+.

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Bunji Garlin "Position" on #TrinidadandTobago #Soca #SocaMusic #13thStreetPromotions #Position #BunjiGarlin #Caribbean

Get In “Position” For @BunjiGarlin’s New Single!

It’s that time of night where someone wants to hear some new Soca, and we’re here to provide it! The Soca Viking Bunji Garlin is gearing up for Carnival 2023 with a bag of new music, and new vibes. If you’re ready to move your body, then be like the new single, and get in “Position“!

Produced by Keshav, Bunji Garlin kicks things off from the mountain tops. Calling all the lovely ladies, it’s time to get your bumpers in position, and enjoy what’s next! “Position” follows up the recently released, “Hard Fete“. Bunji commands the scene, and gives listeners a taste of what’s to come next year. Just like the Bot comments on Youtube, he never disappoints his fans. Are you ready for Carnival 2023? If not, make things right real quick. Time to wine ladies, please come to the front of the stage.

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Voice "Long Live Soca" on #TrinidadandTobago #Trinidad #Soca #SocaMusic #13thStreetPromotions #Voice #VoiceTheArtiste #Carnival #Caribbean

.@VoiceTheArtiste Makes A Dedication To The Culture With “Long Live Soca”!

When people say “Do it for the Culture“, some treat it like a trend that lasts for a couple weeks, while others dedicate their lives to it. The Caribbean is home to many genres of music that have influenced the World over, and Soca Artist Voice wants to make a dedication to the culture with the track, “Long Live Soca“!

Produced by Nikholai Greene/BadJohn Republic, Voice gets into the zone when he shares his love for Soca Music. It’s more than the Costumes, it’s more than the dancing, it’s more than the yearly events, it’s a way of life! Soca and Carnival have an extensive and rich history, and lovers and participants worldwide should celebrate them every chance they get. Voice does a solid job here, and we expect the dedications to emerge like Covid 19 becoming a pandemic in a short time. Wave your rags, wave your flags, and unite for the culture!

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