NEW VIDEO: @NoiseyMusic Jamaica Dancehall Show: Episode 3: @TommyLeeRV


Noisey Jamaica is back with another episode in the Dancehall Show series. Today they feature the “Uncle Demon” himself, Tommy Lee. Here Codine Williams learns about Tommy Lee’s start in the business, his influence, being discovered by Vybz Kartel, his style of music, his work ethic, his tattoos, comments from the public like being called the “Anti-Christ“, and much more. The Gaza camp has been heavily featured in this series, who knows what will come in the next episode. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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One thought on “NEW VIDEO: @NoiseyMusic Jamaica Dancehall Show: Episode 3: @TommyLeeRV

  1. From this, i can see he is a genuine fellow trying to make it in life and feed his family. I kinda understand what he means when he refers to dark and light. Happy (light) aint really his think so he goes to Dark (gothic) type thing. Cant really bash him. He is doing what he does best. Not saying i agree with some of what he does but at the end of the day he is doing him

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