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.@Rvssian Brings Together Vybz Kartel & @TrippieRedd For “Sixteen”

Producer/Recording Artist Rvssian continues to keep his brand afloat with various singles and productions that turn into hits, and is still staying true as a member of the Gaza Nation. He has a few surprises that he has been steadily unveiling over the course of this year, and now he drops another with the release of “Sixteen“.

Rvssian not only brought out friend and long-time collaborator Vybz Kartel for “Sixteen”, he recruited multiplatinum US Rapper Trippie Redd. Released through Head Concussion Records, we get a combination of Rvssian’s beats and lyrics, Kartel’s signature wordplay, and Trippie’s melodic delivery. Prior to the track’s release, Trippie was seen with Tommy Lee Sparta, so we expect another collab soon. The Shane Creative-directed music video finds the Artists (and Vybz Kartel via a face swap filter) in the streets with the people, and they perform their parts in various locations. It was reported earlier this week that Vybz Kartel is dealing with some health-related issues, and we hope he gets the right help at this time.

“Me no want be no picture pon no button…”

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Vybz Kartel & @Skillibeng Take “The King & The Prince” To Portmore In New Visual

Dancehall heavyweights Vybz Kartel and Skillibeng have not only carved their own lanes in the culture, but continue to maintain their respective spots. While Vybz Kartel has secured a legendary status, Skillibeng has been steadily becoming a  global name thanks to various high profile overseas performances, and International collaborations. The duo recently released their collaboration called “The King & The Prince“, but today they give us the official music video.

Directed by Now Or Never, the video for “The King & The Prince” takes place in Portmore, home of Vybz Kartel, and the starting place of the empire that he built. The video finds Skillibeng interacting with residents, and posting up at various spots including at a mural of the “World Boss“. “The King & The Prince” was produced by Adidjahiem Records, and was met with mostly positive reviews since its release. Something like royalty.

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Vybz Kartel Releases “Numb” EP

Dancehall Artist Vybz Kartel remains a busy man when it comes to his music. He has definitely inspired a few of his peers, and his fanbase continues to support in every way with every release. Having announced this a couple weeks ago, he finally unleashes the much-anticipated “NumbEP.

Featuring 8 tracks, Vybz Kartel targets the ladies on the “Numb” EP. Packed with sexually-charged lyrics, Kartel keeps the ladies listening, and his various flows have them rewinding. Kartel doesn’t stray too far with the production on the EP, and Dancehall Artist Savage Savo shows up for the ladies on one track. Things would’ve gotten very interesting if this EP was released by a free from Prison Vybz Kartel, but for now, the ladies will have to send notes of affection through his Social Media platforms.

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Skeng & Jah Vinci - "Seh Feh" on 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica #Dancehall #13thStreetPromotions #Skeng #JahVinci #SehFeh #NotniceRecords #Caribbean #Dancehall

Skeng & @RealJahVinci Bring The Aggression On “Seh Feh”

Dancehall Artist Skeng is kicking off a hot summer pretty early. While he has been enjoying a lot of International attention, he still has to tap into the local scene, and increase the badness. His numerous releases over the past few months kept the fanbase happy, and he continues with more by releasing the visual for the track, “Seh Feh“.

“Seh Feh” is an aggressive new tune that’s produced by Notnice Records, and features Dancehall Singjay, Jah Vinci. Rolling with Skeng, the KD Visualz-directed video finds them armed and ready to bring terror to all who oppose. The gritty visual emphasizes the darkness of the track, and the Artists secured a collaboration that is sure to find favour with the fans of the “Ratty Gang” leader, and the man who provided melodies for many Gaza hits. It’s hunting season for Skeng, don’t get caught.

Fun Fact: Did you know Jah Vinci has a track that was sampled in a Hip Hop track? Remember his “Marrow Gone” diss track to Mavado? Check this out.

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Shatta Wale "Maali" on 13thStreetPromotions.com #Ghana #Jamaica #Dancehall #Music #13thStreetPromotions #ShattaWale #Maali #Album #Africa #Caribbean #ShattaWaleGH

.@ShattaWaleGH Collaborates With Vybz Kartel On “Mansa Musa”

Ghana’s Shatta Wale is still running things, and his dominance has only grown stronger. The African Dancehall King continues to grow his following, asserting himself in every scene, and influencing many to follow in his footsteps. With a number of projects already in his catalogue, he made noise recently with his 5th studio album, “Maali“. One track has already secured a place in Dancehall history, and it’s called, “Mansa Musa“!

“Mansa Musa” is the long-awaited collaboration between Shatta Wale, and Vybz Kartel, and they show you why they reign supreme over a Damaker Studios production. The “GhanaGaza” connection finds them aiming to achieve more success, and delivering some of their best musically. “Mansa Musa” refers to the wealthiest King in history, and the deejays definitely have ambitions to become the wealthiest Kings in their respective leagues. Shatta has been oftentimes compared to the World Boss due to having a similar influence in his part of the world, but many were longing for a collaboration between them. While we hope for more in the future, we’re glad this one happened. Despite being incarcerated and failed appeal attempts, Kartel is still pressing on with new content, and keeping his name alive behind bars. The Dancehall Kings continue to rule.



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Vybz Kartel x Masicka "Shootaz" on 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica #Dancehall #VybzKartel #Masicka #Shootaz #13thStreetPromotions #Caribbean

.@MasickaMusic Secures New “Shootaz” Collaboration With Vybz Kartel!

A few years ago, Dancehall Artists Masicka and Vybz Kartel created a wave with their 1st collaboration called, “Infrared“. The track turned out to be an instant between the “World Boss“, and the “Genahsyde Boss“. Many wondered if they’ll ever trade verses again, but today the wondering has ceased. Today, we hear the track, “Shootaz“.

Produced by Adidjahiem Records, Masicka and Vybz Kartel step out with another aggressive collaboration. These two rule the space, and anyone who wishes to oppose, they’ll be slapped silly and sent flying into nearby bushes. It’s a GazaGenahsyde, and things will get ugly if needs be. Masicka recently secured a deal with the infamous Def Jam Records, with a promise that a new album will be released later this year. Unfortunately for Vybz Kartel, his efforts for an appeal were futile, and fans can only hope they’ll see the “World Boss” walking as a free man someday. In the meantime, there’s new music to enjoy.

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