Mixtape: @Fiyahrama23 x @UnitedEmpire_JA Present: The New West Vol. 1

When you hear “West Side“, many would be quick to refer to California where Hip Hop greats like Dr. Dre and Tupac enjoyed the prime of their musical careers. Today, the West refers to the western part of Jamaica, home to the United Empire and with Texas based DJ Fiyahrama, they release the first in their “The New West” series. Consisting of 17 tracks, this showcases the musical efforts from Slim I.D., MoulaDiDon, Twig, Sauce, GMoney I.D., Kanabis, Tazz, Minx, Super Pugz, and JayDaFilly. The United Empire lets it be known that Hip Hop is not just an American thing or should only reside on the East side of Jamaica, they set up shop and want their turn of the spotlight. Not a bad compilation here as they do hold their own on the tracks. The only problem I had with this tape was the “Pull up” clip being used way too many times. Get this one on your playlists and hear what the West has to say. Check out the tape below and share your thoughts in the comments section.








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