OLDIES SUNDAY: Errol Dunkley – Black Cinderella (1972)

Today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from Reggae Musician, Errol Dunkley. Titled “Black Cinderella“, this was produced by Jimmy Rodway for Fe Me Time Records in 1972. Errol considered it a tribute to hard working black women, but it sounded more like a love song than the aforementioned idea. The creation for this came about when Jimmy introduced Errol to one of his poems of the same name. After some adjustments, Errol recorded the single and it immediately became a hit in a time of Black Empowerment.

Another source stated Errol told JBC TV (now TVJ) that the creation of the song came about when a visiting troupe of British actors visited Jamaica in search of an actress to play the role of Cinderella. Errol witnessed many actresses being rejected at the Ward Theatre because their complexion was not light enough for the role and it prompted him to make “Black Cinderella“. the single turned out to be a chart topper in Jamaica and is one of Errol Dunkley’s most memorable hits.

Errol, who was already a star by the time “Black Cinderella” was released, went on to churn out more songs, released 13 albums, formed Record Labels, and even charted high on the UK Music charts with “Ok Fred” in 1979. “Black Cinderella” was covered by the likes of Augustus Pablo and Protoje, and was even sampled by Joe Gibbs, Vin Gordon and The Courtney John Project.

Thank you Errol Dunkley for this great song!





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