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OLDIES SUNDAY: @PeterLloydWorld – Dancehall Queen (1991)

Today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from Singer/Actor/Producer/Former Media Personality, Peter Lloyd! Titled “Dancehall Queen“, this was produced by Handel Tucker, and released through InPhyniti Records in 1991. In the song, Lloyd gets into storytelling mode where he speaks about attending a street dance when he met a young lady who seemed to stand out from the rest. He dubbed her a “Dancehall Queen” and went into conversation with her professing his interest in her. The single was also featured on his 1999 debut Album, “Transitions“.

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Errol Dunkley "Black Cinderella" for 13thStreetPromotions.com

OLDIES SUNDAY: Errol Dunkley – Black Cinderella (1972)

Today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from Reggae Musician, Errol Dunkley. Titled “Black Cinderella“, this was produced by Jimmy Rodway for Fe Me Time Records in 1972. Errol considered it a tribute to hard working black women, but it sounded more like a love song than the aforementioned idea. The creation for this came about when Jimmy introduced Errol to one of his poems of the same name. After some adjustments, Errol recorded the single and it immediately became a hit in a time of Black Empowerment.

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Inner Circle (@BadBoysOfReggae) – Sweat (1992)

The Bad Boys of Reggae a.k.a. Inner Circle is today’s featured selection on Oldies Sunday with their hit. The song titled “Sweat” was released in 1992 and was the lead single for their Bad To The Bone album. It enjoyed success with its suggestive lyrics and great instrumentals.

Sweat did very well in Europe, it became a top ten hits in countries like Austria, Sweden, Ireland, and many others. It became a number hit in Germany for 12 weeks, while in Switzerland it topped for 6 weeks. In 1993 it ranked 94 on Triple J Hottest 100 countdown. When I was younger I had a like hate relationship with this song for while I liked the song, I hated that the video came on so often on JBC TV. Don’t judge me.

The band went on to enjoy much success over the years all while welcoming new members and experiencing losses of old band members but they still managed to make music for the fans that demanded it. With launching a “Saving The Reggae Music” campaign in 2012 and releasing an album in 2013, Inner Circle will still be around for a long time. Thank You Inner Circle for this song.

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