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Vindon Combats Foes In Visual For The Vosai Produced, “DemNuhBad”!

Recording Artist Vindon steps out with new music for your head tops! The Rapper has been connecting with various Producers over the years, resulting in great music that has placed him under the radar of many around the world. He has been able to adapt to any genre, and is always looking for the next hit. This time around, he shows that he’s the Master in the visual for the new track, “DemNuhBad“.

Done in collaboration with European Producer Vosai, Vindon boldy steps out with a few bars, and the ability to effortlessly handle some EDM production. With a self-directed music video, Vindon demonstrates why he’s untouchable by portraying a Samurai Warrior role. With 3 opponents searching for the “Young Gorgon” in a Forest, Vindon could be seen training and meditating before teaching them a lesson or few when it comes to battle.

Vindon has been tapping into different sounds over the years, and has found success in Europe, and various parts of the world as a result. He has affiliations with the likes of Egzod, Vosai, More Plastic, SOS Dynamikz, and BoyPanda, and he continues to sharpen his artistry. Come 2023, Vindon will release a new project, and secure even more high profile collaborations. Be on the look out!

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OLDIES SUNDAY: @Eddy_Grant – Gimme Hope Jo’Anna (1988)

Today, we give thanks for the progress we have made as a people, especially People Of Colour. While we have had our share of slip ups, we’ve made historic moves, and changed lives for better overall. Today on Oldies Sunday, we want to recognize a contribution to positive change. Today, we highlight Guyanese-born Recording Artist/Producer/Musician Eddy Grant and his track, “Gimme Hope Jo’Anna“.

A self-produced track that was released in 1988 through Parlophone/EMI, “Gimme Hope Jo’Anna” found Eddy Grant doing his part in promoting change for Black people and other people of colour. Released during the Apartheid era in South Africa (an Institutionalized racial segregation that existed there from 1948 to the 1990s), Eddy Grant cleverly penned lyrics speaking out for the end of Apartheid, making references to Archbishop Desmond Tutu who fought against it, highlighting the South African cities of Durban, Soweto, Province of the Transvaal, and personifying Johannesburg, the largest South African city that was symbolic of the National Party government that fostered Apartheid.

“Gimme Hope Jo’Anna” was not intended to be a hit single for Eddy Grant who returned to music after a brief hiatus, but it became an anti-Apartheid anthem that expressed change in South Africa, and brought International attention to South Africa. It enjoyed chart success in Europe, became popular in the UK, and was soon banned by the National Party (they later removed the ban to use it during their campaign for the 1994 South Africa general election). Despite its ban, “Gimme Hope” already did what needed to be done, contributing to the end of the racial segregation in the early 1990s. The track was included in Eddy Grant’s 1988 “File Under Rock” and 1990’s “Barefoot Soldier” albums, and is one of the most important songs of its time. The track was also performed in various parts of the world including India as it represented a different message, it was performed for the late Nelson Mandela for his 90th birthday, and was referenced in various sporting moments. “Gimme Hope Jo’Anna” was a part of more controversy in the early 2000s when an adopted version was used in a promotional campaign for Yoplait. The track also found popularity on Social Media platform TikTok.

Since the release of “Gimme Hope Jo’Anna”, Eddy Grant released more music. Now living in Barbados since the 1980s, he runs the Blue Wave Studio, introduced a new genre of music called “Ringbang“, pursued other businesses, received a Lifetime Achievement Award in Guyana, and even sued Donald Trump for the unauthourized use of his hit single “Electric Avenue” for a campaign. Eddy Grant has enjoyed a successful music career, with “Gimme Hope Jo’Anna” being one of his most important songs.

Thank You Eddy Grant For This Classic!

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Queen Ladi Gangsta Ft. Dowey "One Man To Mi Goodie" on #Jamaica #UK #London #Dancehall #Music #13thStreetPromotions #Queenie #QueenLadiGangsta #Dowey #OneManToMiGoodie #Caribbean #Queenie

Queenie & Dowey Make A Bold Statement In “One Man To Mi Goodie” Video!

Social Media Personality/Recording Artist Queen Ladi Gangsta, more popularly known as Queenie, has been a topic of much controversy, and she has managed to make it work for her. Thanks to her many episodes on Instagram Live and TikTok, she has shared so much. When she’s not sharing details about her relationship, she invites viewers to some of her past experiences, but she has kept her flock entertained in every step of the way. Controversy aside, she has been holding her own as an Artist in the past couple years. Today, she uses her music to make a bold statement. We check out the visual for her single, “One Man To Mi Goodie“.

Directed by Sikk Films/Shy Media and featuring her Husband Dowey, Queenie sets the record straight that there is only one man for her. Dowey emphasizes that Queenie is the only one for him, and together they solidify their sometimes tumultuous relationship in video and song. A preview of “One Man To Mi Goodie” gained viral love over the past few months on Social Media, so we expect the music video to make even more impressions. There is one Queenie in the pack, and when she speaks, the people listen. Stay tuned for new developments in the life of Queenie and Dowey.

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Vybz Kartel ft. Stefflon Don "Amazing" on #Jamaica #London #UK #Dancehall #Music #13thStreetPromotions #VybzKartel #StefflonDon #Amazing #Dunw3ll #Caribbean

Vybz Kartel & @StefflonDon Make An “Amazing” Collaboration!

Dancehall Artist Vybz Kartel continues to show the world that he’ll always have a few tricks up his sleeve. His brand and influence continues to spread around the world, and new music keeps on coming. With a year that already found him keeping the streets happy, he taps into the UK for a collaboration called, “Amazing“.

Featuring Stefflon Don and produced by Dunw3ll on the “Play Station Riddim“, Vybz Kartel has something for the ladies here. While Addi knows what to say to make the ladies go crazy, Stefflon is ready to show up at your front door with all you need and more. Vybz and Stefflon have collaborated a couple times before, and if there’s a joint project to happen with them, please make the necessary connections for its release. Stefflon Don has been tapping in with a few Dancehall Artists and Producers, and we believe she’ll be releasing something amazing later this year. World Boss meets The Don!

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.@WSTRNMusic Teams Up With @Skillibeng On “Unload (Reload)”!

UK based collective WSTRN are stepping out with new music. The past few months saw them keeping their name hot with audio and visual content, and they’re looking to follow up their 2019 project, WSTRN Season, Vol. 2. They set the tone with the new track, “Unload (Reload)“.

Produced by PRGRSHN and featuring Dancehall Artist Skillibeng, WSTRN are having fun over some solid production. Paired with Skilli’s signature flow, “Unload (Reload)” sounds like a hit. WSTRN previously collaborated with the likes of Lila Ike, Alkaline, and Stalk Ashley, and with Skilli blazing every path he’s brought to, we expect this collaboration to do very well. Skillibeng has been making plenty noise overseas this year and shutting down stages, and we look forward to what other high profile collabs are up his sleeve.

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Mura Masa x Pa Salieu x Skillibeng - "Blessing Me" on #Jamaica #Europe #Africa Afrobeats #UK #Dancehall #Music #13thStreetPromotions #MuraMasa #PaSalieu #Skillibeng #BlessingMe #TikTok #Caribbean

Skillibeng Connects With @Mura_Masa_ & @King_Salieu On “Blessing Me”

Dancehall Artist Skillibeng continues to show that his spot in Dancehall was not a mistake. Taking his talents to new markets, he has gotten his name in various parts of the US, resulting in more bookings and collaborations. Outside the US, Skillibeng has been doing damage, on Social Media, he is a viral sensation thanks to tracks including “Whap Whap” and “Blessing Me“, a collaboration with UK/US based Producer Mura Masa, and British Rapper Pa Salieu. Today, we present to you the official music video for the latter.

Directed by Emmanuel Cossu, the video for “Blessing Me” is done in a retro style with the addition of various backdrops, beautiful Women, and the featured Artists. Skillibeng is the standout here, and his contribution pairs well with Pa Salieu’s vibe, and Mura Masa’s easy-going production. Skillibeng continues to surprise (and upset) many, and we look forward to see what’s next for him. Maybe we hear him on a few more Mura Masa beats in the future. Proverbs 5:18.

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