PRESS RELEASE: Gregory Isaacs’ Mural Service Planned


The wife of the late veteran Reggae artiste, Gregory Isaacs, is set to reveal a mural for Isaacs on July 15th 2015 in Downtown Kingston – between Charles Street and Orange Street. June Isaacs shared, “Gregory Isaacs is still very dear to my heart, and this is a way for others to remember him for his music, performances and songwriting”.

The ceremony will highlight the music and charitable work done by the veteran along with tributes from friends of the music fraternity. June added “this is slated to be a remembrance of all that Gregory has contributed to music and several communities; he was a great man that aimed to make positive changes wherever he went”.

The legendary Gregory Isaacs is known for singles such as ‘Night Nurse’, ‘Number One’ and ‘Hot Stepper’ just to name a few. It has been 6 years since Gregory Isaacs’ passing and his fans still very much appreciate his music. His foundation The Gregory Isaac Foundation was formed after his passing in 2011 by June Isaacs and was done in an effort to continue his charitable work.

The core focus of the foundation is child welfare and anti drug/violence messages which are highlighted every November – Drug Awareness Month. The main beneficiaries are the Walkers Place Safety, St. Barnabas Early Childhood Institute, Black Harmony Basic School and the National Council for Drug Abuse.

The unveiling of the mural for the late Gregory Isaac is set to begin at 4pm and end at 6pm.





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