Mixtape Movements: @BLVKH3RO – H3ro’s Day

Today i share with you my humble beginnings, my trials and tribulations, my smiles, my tears, my anger, my frustration, my passion, my respect and my talent. Thank you for borrowing me your ears I present to you The H3ro’s Day Project.”

On this Heroes’ Day, Recording Artist BLVK H3RO has put together a project that showcases some of his unmixed and unfinished work, but comes with the right feeling. “H3ro’s Day” contains 12 tracks with various themes and features contributions from GoldMynd, and Jesse Saunders. On this Heroes’ Day I also ask you to celebrate your heroes. With so many unsung ones contributing in every way, it’s quite noble to recognize them not only today, but every chance you get. Give “H3ro’s Day” a chance by downloading it below and sharing your thoughts in the comments section.






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