PRESS RELEASE: @LilDainty Promotes “Sex Talk”

UK based Artiste Lil Dainty has been enjoying heavy rotation with the release of her highly provocative single, “Sex Talk”. The vivacious Dancehall star, who is largely known for her high-energy performances and her suggestive lyrics is very happy with the overall feedback that she has been getting so far. “Sex Talk” marks the first official single for the artiste and is produced by Glendevon Records. The song was released early May 2015 on all digital platforms including iTunes and Amazon. The single is doing extremely well in the UK, Europe, and US markets and is now taking over the Caribbean.

“I am so proud of this song, it has been one of my biggest accomplishments to date. It is doing great and I plan on keeping the promotions going well into 2016, keep your eyes out for the video premiering soon.” said a vibrant Dainty. Lil Dainty is a Jamaican born Singjay, noted dancer, and presenter representing Logwood in Hanover but has lived in London for the past 17 years. Her status as a Dancer has grown exponentially as one of the most outstanding professional Dancers earning plays on MTV based Channel 4 and Kiss TV. As an Artiste her aim is to grow and evolve into the best Entertainer that the world has ever seen. “I try to learn new styles everyday to create different sounds, thanks to all the team members who are working with me such as Smoodface, RB Music and Kutti.”

Lil Dainty is looking to shoot her video for the follow up single “Tek Set” which will be released in early 2016, followed by her EDM track “Superfreak”. The expectations for Lil Dainty are limitless and she will be one of UK leading female Entertainers.






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