Mixtape Rave With @Shanny_14

Lifestyle Blogger ShannyDeLioness is back for another week of “Mixtape Rave“! This week she serves you an array of Mixtapes she’s been feeling over the past 7 days. If you missed the previous installments, check them out here.

1. The Short Mixtape – DJ Din X 1NE Don Sound

A mix of Dancehall and Hip Hop’s hottest tunes and Riddims as well as a some dubs by the Gaza Boss, Vybz Kartel. This mix is short but hits the mark!


2. End of Year Hits. Remembering 2015 – Radio Mix – DJ ​Kam​ Bennett

I have my brother to thank for my full on re-introduction to Hip Hop. I have found myself pausing from my Soca binges to take in the occasional Hip Hop mix and this one by DJ Kam Bennett from Minnestoa is definitely a go to for me. He masterfully takes you through 2015’s best offerings.


3. Leh We Fete 2016 Soca Mixtape – Hypnosis Sound

As an avid Soca lover it was my pleasure to discover this Mixtape from Hypnosis Sound! Hosted by Mr. Ducking himself, Fadda Fox, Hypnosis smoothly takes you through almost an hour of nonstop 2016 niceness. I am really happy to see more local DJs embracing Soca music.


4. Lyme Juice – DJ Richie R.A.S.

How can I not love a Mixtape that starts off with collaboration by my favourite Reggae Artist and Soca Artist? To seal the deal, DJ Richie R.A.S transitions into two of my ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE 2016 songs ACROSS ALL GENRES! It is quite obvious that I am a fan of DJ Richie R.A.S and even though Lyme Juice is a “late entry”, it is well worth it. After all, the best things are worth waiting for!






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