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PRESS RELEASE: @DandexxMusic Wants Jamaicans To Remain “Confident”!

Award winning Reggae Artiste Dandexx wants Jamaicans to remain confident. With the recent elections and a new leader in office many Jamaicans are just getting back to their daily routines. The Artiste has been promoting his newly released single ‘Confident’ produced by Wayne Brown on the Night and Day Rhythm. Dandexx said “This song is not linked to election but it fits the atmosphere. It encourages listeners to be confident despite any obstacle they might be facing”.

The conscious artiste started off the year receiving the award for Best Reggae Album by The Akademia Music Awards located in Los Angeles, California and now he is eager to create bigger waves in Jamaica. Dandexx has been receiving a positive feedback forhis music and received air play from several leading radio stations. He shared, “I love music; especially music that comes with a strong message for my fans”.

Dandexx whose real name is Kirk Brown is based in Los Angeles, California but was born in Kingston, Jamaica. He started making music in 1993 but did not get his break until in 2011, when he released ‘I Know You Not’ on the Human Rights imprint and ‘Fill My Cup’ which was produced by his brother Wayne Brown on his Di Next Generation Production WC Label.

Dandexx is now on a promotional movement and will be honoured at the Akademia Music Awards’ Gala in April as the winner of ‘The Best Reggae Album’ for his album ‘Soft Answer’ in January 2016. His music is currently played on major radio stations worldwide in areas such as Japan, Brazil, the United Kingdom and the United States. For updates on his music his fans can be followed on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter @DandexxMusic and through his website, www.dandexxmusic.com.





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