@FiveSteez, @DJReadyCee Complete The Trilogy With “Momentum Vol. 3”

The collaboration between Jamaican Rapper Five Steez and NY Radio Icon DJ Ready Cee has been a fruitful one over the years. With their “Momentum Vol. 1 & 2Mixtapes bringing in a lot of buzz, Steez has managed to capitalize off it with the release of two projects, and numerous freestyles and collaborations including one with Hip Hop Super group, “The Council“. Today, the duo complete the trilogy with “Momentum Vol. 3“. Featuring Steez hopping on classic Hip Hop Instrumentals while Ready Cee does his signature cuts, fans are taken back in time thanks to the beats, and then brought up to speed with Steez’s bars. Nomad Carlos, Dizzy The Ill One, Inztinkz, The Sickest Drama and Massy The Creator even stop by to add some bars to the mix. While this is not a Swan Song for Five Steez, he closes this “Momentum” series with a bang and gives listeners an idea what’s in store from here on. Check out the Project below and share your thoughts in the comments section.





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