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@SingerFabian Tells The Truth!

With an increase in publicity stunts being used to market music, Cashflow Recording Artiste Fabian feels the need to tell his truth. His new single produced by Psy-en-tiz from New York titled ‘Truth’ is recorded by Fabian’s Alter Ego. Fabian said “Yes, I have an Alter Ego, for a while now I have been Fabian the Singer but there is the side of me that can deejay and command attention too”.

The Artiste who has quite a few controversial lines in the song has indeed been garnering attention. A line from the singles states, “Alkaline a run Dancehall an we all know a di truth dis… how teacha fi run Dancehall being incarcerated…”. Fabian explained “I respect Alkaline and I appreciate seeing an underdog come to the forefront and dominate and that’s exactly what he is doing”.

Fabian, known for his collaboration with Digicel Rising Star Winner Tash in 2011 titled ‘It’s In the Books’, has been receiving mixed reactions to the single ‘Truth’. He said, “Some people love it and others are offended by some of the opinions I share in the song but this is who I am and my opinions are simply mine”.

The young Artiste also added that he would like to see media embracing more talents and shining light on the successes of these young talents. On a lighter note, Fabian released yet another song called ‘Nah Give Up’ on the ‘Psalms 91 Riddim’ which was produced by Cashflow Records which speaks to remaining positive no matter what the circumstances may be.

Fabian can be followed on social media through Facebook/Fabian Albert Allen; Instagram @singerfabiancashflow and Twitter @singerfabian





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