@RR_Musiq, @DevinDiDakta1 Gear Up To Perform At @ReggaeSumfest!

Devin Di Dakta has been booked for the newly revamped Reggae Sumfest. The artiste who recently released the collaboration with dancehall’s new naughty girl RR entitled ‘Rev Out Di RR’ is now eager to hit the stage with RR by his side. Both artistes signed to the John John Music Group label have been receiving great reviews for the single and airplay locally and internationally.

RR has collaborated with artistes such as Movado, Sizzla and Bay C to name a few.  Additionally, she has been working with several producers on releasing new sizzling dancehall singles for the summer. RR said “I am excited that Devin has invited me to perform with him on Reggae Sumfest. This will be my first time and I am preparing for a mind blowing performance”. Devin added “RR is a growing brand and she is an incredible talent, we have great chemistry on stage”.

Manager for both artistes Shelly-Ann Curran of John John Music Group is also excited about the venture and is satisfied with the progress of both acts. “What we have at John John Music Group is a double dose of passion and talent so we believe that they will leave their mark on Reggae Sumfest”.

Both artistes performed ‘Rev Out the RR’ for the first time at the Youth View Awards earlier this year and again at Magnum Beach Invasion.  RR can be followed on Instagram and Twitter @RR_musiq and Devin Di Dakta @DevinDiDakta





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