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We Look At The Best (So Far) Of @Wayne_Marshall In Our New Playlist!

Chu Chu Chu…WOOOOOO! Today we recognize some of the works of the super talented, Wayne Marshall! With 18 years in the game, Marshall has earned the reputation of delivering some great singles, and collaborating with some of the best in the game. Today, we pay tribute to his career with our latest Playlist titled, “Marshall Again: The Best (so far) Of Wayne Marshall“. With over 3 hours, prepare to be taken back in time when Wayne emerged as one of the hottest acts in 2000’s Dancehall, and gave us some memorable tracks! With “Glory To God” broadening his audience even more, we look forward to what else Wayne Marshall has in store. Gwaan go tell yuh fren, Marshall’s in town! Check out the Playlist below, and show us some love on Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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3 thoughts on “We Look At The Best (So Far) Of @Wayne_Marshall In Our New Playlist!

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