We Pay Tribute To The Late Garnett Silk On The “Hatfield Legend” Playlist!

Today we remember and celebrate the life and work of one of Jamaica’s most iconic Vocalists, the late Garnet Smith a.k.a. Garnett Silk! With April 2 marking his 53rd birthday, many would agree that the world lost this great Artist too soon. In true Blog fashion, we highlight some of his many hits in our latest Playlist titled, “Garnett Silk: Hatfield Legend“!

With nearly 3 hours worth of music, even if you weren’t familiar with his entire catalogue, this will cover some of his finest selections and even a couple collaborations. (Editor’s note: For those questioning the “Hatfield Legend” title, he was raised in Hatfield, Manchester, and has left a huge impact on the community decades after his death.) An Artist who has not only brought a different sound to Reggae, but has influenced Artists after him and many idolize him in various communities worldwide. Walk good Bimbo!

Check out the Playlist below and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.


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