OLDIES SUNDAY: Menudo – If You’re Not Here (By My Side) (1984)

We’re in the month of May, but the Oldies still play! May is also recognized as “Child’s Month“, and we may feature content where the children were stars. Today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from Puerto Rican boy band Menudo with the track, “If You’re Not Here (By My Side)“.

Produced by Edgardo Díaz and Mary Lynne M. Pagan, “If You’re Not Here” was released through RCA Records in 1984. The track is the English version of the Spanish single titled “Si Tú No Estás, which was featured on the band’s 1983 Spanish album, “A Todo Rock“. The track was a love song that was lead by then member of the band Robby Rosa a.k.a. Draco Rosa about having that special person in his life, and things would not be the same without her especially during touring. This was a track that would connect with young Women, and it became a popular one in various parts of the world (including Jamaica), and was performed during live performances despite not charting high on (#36 on the US R&B Billboard charts, #102 on the US Hot 100 Billboard charts). “If You’re Not Here” was featured on the band’s 1984 English album, “Reaching Out“.

Menudo has been considered one of the biggest Latin boy bands in history with over 20 Million records sold. The band was also the starting point for Ricky Martin, who was a member for a few years during his youth and went on to have a very successful solo career. Since the release of “If You’re Not Here”, Menudo went through various lineup changes, breakups, reunions, controversies, and the death of two former members (Ray Reyes and Anthony Galindo). Regardless of all Menudo went through, many people around the world still play their music, including “If You’re Not Here (By My Side)”.

thank you menudo for this classic!

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