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OLDIES SUNDAY: Michael Palmer – Dem A Lick Shot (1984)

Happy Oldies Sunday! For today’s selection, we’re gonna give you a rare cut. Many are familiar with the selection, while there are others who will hear it for the first time. Today, we go back in time to check out Michael Palmer’sDem A Lick Shot“!

Produced by G. Nicholson and O. Brown and released through Tasha Records in 1984, this is the original version of Michael Palmer’s successful “Dem A Lick Shot” that was produced by George Phang, and released in the same year through the Power House label on the “Mad Mad Riddim“. On the original, Michael shares his experience of being a victim of robbery in his community, and getting help from the authouritives proved to be futile. It all happened in his hometown, but things have to change. The original version of “Dem A Lick Shot” gained positive feedback from listeners when it was released, but soon made way for the George Phang version as it was featured on Palmer’s album of the same name.

Since the release of “Dem A Lick Shot”, Michael Palmer went on to release more music over the years, but sadly had vocal problems, and diverted into production for some time before taking a 20 year hiatus. He returned in the late 2010s, and stays active through performances and recordings. While many celebrate the George Phang version of “Dem A Lick Shot”, there are still those who appreciate the original.


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OLDIES SUNDAY: Brigadier Jerry – Jamaica Jamaica (1984)

On August 6, 2022, Jamaica celebrated its 60th year of Independence. Despite the many ups and downs, it still feels good to be Jamaican. Celebrating this great Island all week, today’s Oldies Sunday is dedicated to the 876. Today’s selection comes from the iconic Brigadier Jerry with “Jamaica Jamaica“!

Produced by JahLoveMuzik on the “Answer Riddim” and released in 1984, “Jamaica Jamaica” is one of the songs that will instantly lift your mood, and for a moment celebrate your Island home. With Brigadier Jerry’s great delivery over superb production, “Jamaica Jamaica” was a hit shortly after release, and is now a Dancehall classic. Junior Gong and Super Cat are two Artists who borrowed the “Jamaica Jamaica” bar from the track, and you can find them in “Welcome To JamRock” and “History” respectively.

Thank You Brigadier Jerry. Thank You Jamaica!

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Echo Minott – My Mommy (1984)

First off, Happy Mother’s Day to all the Moms, Mamas, Grandmas, Aunties, Stepmoms, and every type of Mother. Wishing you all the best! Today on Oldies Sunday, we make a dedication to all of them. For our selection, we highlight Echo Minott’sMy Mommy“.

Produced by Harry “Big J” Johnson and released in 1984 through Shuttle Records (and in 1985 through Sunset Records), Echo Minott delivered a dedication to his Mother, showing immense gratitude in the process. While all of us have a great relationship with their Mother, Echo went into detail the important roles she has played in his life, and even showing love to his Father in some parts. “My Mommy” was well received by fans, and was featured on his 1985 album, “Rock & Calypso“.

After the release of “My Mommy”, Echo Minott went on to release more music before taking a break from the Music Industry in the early 90s, returning with a few releases in the 2010s, an album in 2021 called “Man A Do Road” with DJ Air Afrique, and a single in 2022 with Laurent Squarta.

thank you Echo Minott For This Track! Happy Mother’s Day!

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Menudo – If You’re Not Here (By My Side) (1984)

We’re in the month of May, but the Oldies still play! May is also recognized as “Child’s Month“, and we may feature content where the children were stars. Today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from Puerto Rican boy band Menudo with the track, “If You’re Not Here (By My Side)“.

Produced by Edgardo Díaz and Mary Lynne M. Pagan, “If You’re Not Here” was released through RCA Records in 1984. The track is the English version of the Spanish single titled “Si Tú No Estás, which was featured on the band’s 1983 Spanish album, “A Todo Rock“. The track was a love song that was lead by then member of the band Robby Rosa a.k.a. Draco Rosa about having that special person in his life, and things would not be the same without her especially during touring. This was a track that would connect with young Women, and it became a popular one in various parts of the world (including Jamaica), and was performed during live performances despite not charting high on (#36 on the US R&B Billboard charts, #102 on the US Hot 100 Billboard charts). “If You’re Not Here” was featured on the band’s 1984 English album, “Reaching Out“.

Menudo has been considered one of the biggest Latin boy bands in history with over 20 Million records sold. The band was also the starting point for Ricky Martin, who was a member for a few years during his youth and went on to have a very successful solo career. Since the release of “If You’re Not Here”, Menudo went through various lineup changes, breakups, reunions, controversies, and the death of two former members (Ray Reyes and Anthony Galindo). Regardless of all Menudo went through, many people around the world still play their music, including “If You’re Not Here (By My Side)”.

thank you menudo for this classic!

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OLDIES SUNDAY: @SteelPulse – Steppin’ Out (1984)

It’s Grammy season! With Reggae Artists like Koffee, Julian Marley, Sly & Robbie, Steel Pulse, and Third World in the running to cop one this year, we felt the need to highlight one of the unique moments in the Reggae category on Oldies Sunday. The aforementioned Steel Pulse Band is up with their 1984 classic, “Steppin’ Out“! Produced by Steel Pulse, Jimmy “Senyah” Haynes, and Del Newman, the track was featured on their 5th studio album, “Earth Crisis“. “Steppin’ Out” is also one of the first Reggae singles to be nominated for a Grammy award. The other single to be nominated was Jimmy Cliff’sReggae Night“. The Grammy eventually went to Black Uhuru in 1985 for their “Anthem” album.

With its energetic production, the single became a favourite for many listeners. Since its release, it has been sampled by the likes of Hip Hop Artists Rakim, Bun B, Blac Monks, Society, and EDM Artist Miguel Migs. It has also been covered by Alborosie, and remixed by Producer Steve Thompson, and the late legendary DJ Screw (you can hear the screwed & chopped version below).

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Early B – Ghost Busters (1984)

The Duppy/Ghost/Obeah culture is very much alive in Jamaica. While we don’t celebrate events like Halloween (though the Party goers and folks in certain Communities do), we are aware of the spirits, certain folklore, and the people who claim to have connections to the dead or possess skills in Witchcraft. Today, we bring you “Oldies Sunday” to fire off a selection from the late Recording Artist, Early BThe Doctor” which adds to the Ghost/Duppy theme. The tune we present is called, “Ghost Busters“!

“Ghost Busters” was produced by Nkrumah Manley “Jah” Thomas, and released in 1984 through the Midnight Rock Label on the “Stormy Weather Riddim“. The single was also the opening track to his 1985 Album of the same name. In the song, Early B speaks on his adventures as a Ghost Buster as he saves the community of Yallahs, St. Thomas from a ghostly threat. Fearing nobody but Jah, he gets to work on eradicating the threat.

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