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@KyngTaj & @TheBellaBlair Offer A Double Dose Of Comedy!

It’s time to have a laugh thanks to the comedic styling of Kyng Taj and Bella Blair! While the original idea was to feature both in separate posts, why not double the laughter in one package? In Bella’s new skit, she plays the role of a young Jamaican lady who tries to impress her potential American love interest. While many can relate to trying their best to make a great first impression in dating, how many have experienced it Bella’s way? Tune in to find out. In “Marriage Counseling“, Kyng Taj plays the role of a man frustrated with his Wife and in order to fix things, he and his Wife visit the Marriage Counselor (played by Andrew Maragh). Will they resolve their marital issues? Or will things go left? Watch the videos below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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@KyngTaj Promotes Unity In “Mexicano Inna Di Dancehall”

If you haven’t been noticing, Comedian/Director Kyng Taj has been dropping videos with a message. Today, in effort to bring more unity in the Dancehall, he presents “Mexicano Inna Di Dancehall“. Featuring Andrew Maragh as “The Mexicano“, Taj plays a Rasta man enjoying the good vibrations and selections from the DJ played by Corey Williams. From a fight almost breaking out due to differences in Culture (and flashing locks), to both characters busting out dance moves, this video will add a few bright sparks to your day (or whenever you’re watching it). Sometimes all you need is good music, a catchy dance, and the great Jamaican Beer. Watch the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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@KyngTaj Drops “Destined For Greatness” Short Film!

What do you do when the water is gone, and your thirst has reached its peak? Follow the trials and tribulations of Kyng Taj as he goes through it in “Destined For Greatness“! We all know that water is life, and many are out there dying for their thirst to be quenched, but what do you when all your options to get it are failing you? Delivering a message and featuring costars Andrew Maragh, Shxne Savage, and a endorsement from Reggae Artist Nesbeth, check out the video below.

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NEW VIDEO: @KyngTaj Presents: Rescuing Rhionna

Comedian/Director Kyng Taj has been pretty busy lately shooting skits and music videos. Today, he delves into the Short Film world with “Rescuing Rhionna“. Starring Andrew Maragh, Hakeem Kush, Samoy and Tyshawn, the video starts off with a mystery package, a note, a broken egg, and a panic call. Tune in to find out what roles they all play. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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