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OLDIES SUNDAY (Christmas): Johnny Osbourne – Christmas Stylee (1980)

It’s Christmas Day all over the world, and whatever the reason, may you find love, joy, and rest during the season. While some may have done away with the gifts and matching PJs, it’s time for a lil music. While you sip on the Sorrel, tune into Oldies Sunday to hear Johnny Osbourne’s “Christmas Stylee“!

Produced by Sir Coxsone Dodd and released through Studio One in 1980, Johnny Osbourne gives us a special selection that gets listeners excited for the Christmas season. Paired with great production and performed with The Family Group, Osbourne shares the news of the birth of King Jesus, and gets us all into the groove. You couldn’t help but dance and singalong to this track, and it became an instant favourite for many. “Christmas Stylee” was featured on the “Sir Coxsone’s Family Album: Christmas Stylee” Compilation Album and “Reggae Christmas From Studio One“, and are just some of the many Jamaican Christmas compilations that have been released over the years.

We hope you have a great Christmas. While feelings and moods may vary throughout, we hope you have at least one smiling moment. Bless up!

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"12 Days Of Choppa Christmas" Playlist on #Jamaica #MontegoBay #Dancehall #Music #13thStreetPromotions #Scammer #Scamma #Choppa #ChopDancehall #Music #Caribbean #ChoppaChristmas #Christmas #Playlist #Spotify

Celebrate “12 Days Of Choppa Christmas” With Our New Playlist!

Christmas Day is almost here, and the parties have already started. Christmas is celebrated by all sorts of people from different backgrounds, but what about the Scammers and Choppas? While they use the other days of the year to relish in their spoils from various activities, how do they celebrate Christmas? Well, while we can’t answer that, we made a Playlist just for those who want to pretend to live like a Choppa during Christmas for a while.

With the “12 Days Of Choppa ChristmasPlaylist, we’ve compiled 12 Chop Dancehall hits that instantly shut the place down. From Squash to Valiant, we hope you enjoy the tracks, and be sure to rock Polo, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Gucci, and Psycho Bunny while listening.

13th Street Promotions does not endorse scamming activities, but some of the songs are cool to listen to.

In case you see this before or after the day, we wish for you a great Christmas, and may it be all you wanted this year.

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Red Plastic Bag "Maizie" on #Barbados #RedPlasticBag #RPB #Christmas #Maizie #SantaClaus #Music #Calypso #Soca #Music #Christmas2022 #Caribbean

OLDIES SUNDAY (Christmas): Red Plastic Bag – Maizie

It’s the last Sunday before Christmas Day, and we hope you aren’t under immense pressure to get presents for everyone. It’s also another Oldies Sunday, and we have another selection that plays in the theme of the season. We take a trip to Barbados to check out Red Plastic Bag’sMaizie“!

Produced by Mc Donald Fingall and released through the Pond Side label, Red Plastic Bag had to deliver something special for the holiday season. The song is a take on a classic Christmas song, but with Red’s signature twist as he speaks on the character “Maizie” who has been caught kissing Santa Claus. The story gets interesting as Maizie is being approached with questions about the man she’s kissing to see if it’s really Santa, or her secret lover. The drama-filled song became a popular since its release, and remains a favourite among Bajans, and listeners from around the world during Christmas time. Red Plastic Bag is a multi-year Soca Monarch King, and is one of the Icons of Calypso/Soca in the Caribbean.

Next Sunday is Christmas Day, save us a seat at the table.

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DeeWUNN "Blemmaz" on #Jamaica #Dancehall #Music #Blemmaz #DeeWUNN #Mixtape #Caribbean

.@DeeWunn Gets Everyone Rocking With New “Blemmaz” Mixtape!

It’s the weekend before Christmas, and MultiGenre Recording Artist DeeWunn is throwing a party to get everyone right. The Artist has been making strides all year through a series of collaborations, but today he wants the world to move with his “Blemmaz” Mix!

For nearly 30 minutes, listeners will hear DeeWunn taking over the place with some of his best work. Whether you’re here to move like the breeze or smoke trees, you’re at the right party. Always ready to make people dance, he has an arsenal of tunes to mash up the session. Whatever you style, DeeWunn has it locked, with plenty lyrics to go. Have you all gotten your Christmas shopping in order? If not, make it happen before the big rush. While you’re shopping, make sure to keep “Blemmaz” in rotation.


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Marcia Miranda "Gimme Love Fuh Christmas" on #TrinidadandTobago #Parang #Christmas #Music #13thStreetPromotions #MarciaMiranda #GimmeLoveFuhChristmas #Trinidad #TrinidadandTobago #Caribbean

OLDIES SUNDAY (Christmas): Marcia Miranda – Gimme Love Fuh Christmas (1993)

It’s that time of year when it’s colder than cold, and Sorrel and Ham become holiday staples. It’s Christmas time on Oldies Sunday. For today’s entry, we take a trip to Trinidad & Tobago to hear Marcia Miranda’sGimme Love Fuh Christmas“!

Arranged by Pelham Goddard, “Gimme Love Fuh Christmas” was released through Crosby’s in 1993. The holiday-themed track finds Marcia Miranda rejecting all the typical gifts that one would want for Christmas, and is instead needing love from her Husband. It gets very chilly at that time of year, and without the love of her life, the season is a sad one. “Gimme Love” resonates with many during this time of year as some would find themselves lonely, or even distant from the ones they love. We hope that changes for many of our listeners. Marcia Miranda’s “Gimme Love Fuh Christmas” became a popular Parang track when released, and is still played through various outlets to this day.

Marcia Miranda is still very active in the Caribbean, and has a catalogue that extends beyond Parang. Stay tuned to this platform for another holiday offering on Oldies Sunday!

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Phillip Fraser "Rub A Dub Christmas" on #Jamaica #Dancehall #Music #13thStreetPromotions #PhillipFraser #RubADubChristmas #1985 #TuffGong #Christmas #Caribbean

OLDIES SUNDAY (Christmas): Phillip Fraser – Rub A Dub Christmas (1985)

It’s that time of the year where Mariah Carey earns another US$5Million, and the kitchens will be at its busiest. It’s Christmas time on Oldies Sunday. Today’s entry comes from Recording Artist Phillip Fraser as he gets us in the holiday spirit with “Rub A Dub Christmas“!

Produced by Ossie Thomas and Phillip Morgan and released through Tuff Gong in 1985, Phillip Fraser kicks off some Dancehall vibes on “Rub A Dub Christmas”. Phillip Fraser shared that he dreams of a Christmas that’s different from the one he grew up on, that entails many components of Dancehall. He also shared that he wants every Christmas to be filled with joy, goodness, unity, and love! “Rub A Dub Christmas” was featured on the “Rub-A-Dub Christmas” Compilation album from 1985, and was enjoyed by listeners during that time.

Since the release of “Rub A Dub Christmas”, Phillip Fraser, who was enjoying a successful career as a Recording Artist and Producer, went on to release more music, and produce for various Artists. He has inspired many Artists, and is still actively touring, and performing some of his hits. Get your Dancehall Christmas ready with this track, and Merry Christmas when it comes!

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