NEW MUSIC: @OutstandinJLuga – Bun Raper


With strong lyrics in his arsenal, Dancehall artist J. Luga speaks out against rapists and child abusers in his latest single. Titled “Bun Raper” and produced by Prolific Records, Luga gets at those who seek pleasure in abusing children and taking advantage of women, and warns that there will be dire consequences if they continue to do these evil acts. With Rape being a topic in the news, J. Luga believes in the anti-rape movement and will bring justice for those who have experienced the hurt and will protect others from being a statistic. Check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @MooreMayhem x @HelpJaChildren – Help JA Children…

Hey World! While today could’ve been a post about new music or new entertainers it instead sheds light on a very important topic, the abuse of children and how you can help. Child abuse has been rampant the world over and while many have been saved from further turmoil, many others continue to suffer from unfortunate acts being done to them. In Jamaica, many stories pour out through the media about children being abused and nothing much has been done to help bring justice for these victims. One new organization looking to help bring much needed awareness is Help Ja Children, which was started by a few young people who have seen much injustice and felt that their voices must be heard. Check out the video above to get an idea and check out below on how you can get in touch with the organization and help. Children are our future, help to protect them today…

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