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@MoulaUE Sounds Off In Season 2 Of “Conversations With MoulaUE”!

In music, an Artist shares his/her thoughts through a song, but at times it’s just not enough. Seeing that he has a lot to talk about, Montego Bay based Rapper MoulaUE steps outside the booth and shares his “Conversations With MoulaUE” series. In season 2, he speaks on his Artistry, getting his name out there, dealing with criticism, giving and earning respect, making music, and much more. The Rapper is currently working on a follow up to his “All U Go Get Until…EP, so the converations should hold you until 2018. Check out season 1 here, and season 2’s clips below!

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NEW VIDEO: Conversations With @MoulaUE Ep. 1

At times we hear the Artists when they drop new heat, but how many of these acts do we know? Today, the “Mobay KingMoulaUE a.k.a Moula Di Don debuts his “Conversations With MoulaUE” series. In part 1, he introduces himself to the world in “Meet The Artist“. Here he spoke on his background, his inspirations and favourite Artists, how he has developed his sound, thoughts on the Jamaican Hip Hop movement, performing in Jamaica and New York and breaking barriers, preparing for recording sessions, plans for 2016 and more including new music and other projects! Very entertaining segment as we get to know another side of Moula. Stay tuned for more MoulaUE and the rise of the Montego Bay Hip Hop movement! MoulaUE’sKnow My Intentions” project is out now! Shout out to IAmMeesi! Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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