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.@TheGreatJahmiel Takes It To The Hillside In “Story Of My Life” Video

Recently, Recording Artist Jahmiel released his latest album, “Legend“. With talent that considers him one of the greats, Jahmiel has traveled a lot to get this far. While has made some changes in his life for the better, he still has challenges to deal with everyday. Off of his latest album, he gives us the visual for the track, “Story Of My Life“.

Directed by Xtreme Arts, Jahmiel takes to the hills, and talks to God and the people. “Story Of My Life” is one of the more popular tracks off the album, and Jahmiel does it justice with the visual. “Story Of My Life” was produced by Emudio Records/Sweet Music Production. Expect to hear a lot more from the great Jahmiel in the coming weeks, and check out his “Legend” album which is available everywhere you consume music.

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NEW VIDEO: @ItsJahmiel – True Colours

The young Lion Jahmiel is back with a new visual for a single that has been gaining quite a buzz, “True Colours“. Directed by Xtreme Arts, Jahmiel speaks on seeing people for who they really are. The video features a few greyscale moments with a splash of colour and a full colour scene where Jahmiel performs the single. Nice addition with the dancers. A song that you really have to “hold a meds” with. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @SpiceOfficial – Needle Eye

Today’s music video takes us back to the year 1985, when Dancehall Artist Spice went through her “Cinderella” phase and in the end won the heart and attention of the love of her life, Nicholas. The video, titled “Needle Eye“, was directed by Xtreme Arts and pays tribute to the 80’s and 90’s Dancehall culture and fashion. Joined by her dancers, Spice delivers her hit single with a variety of dance moves and wearing various costumes. Love how colourful this video is, and for those who haven’t lived in those eras can see the back in the days imagery. For those who had Spice’s relationship in the rumor mills recently, they can now see the result of that picture that was floating around with cheating allegations. Very dope graffiti displayed at the end as well. Make it a throwback friday by watching the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @SpiceOfficial – Back Bend


With “Back Bend” blazing trails on radio, and your popular DJ‘s set, Spice finally unveiled the visual. Directed by Xtreme Arts, Spice took on roles of Dancer, Conductor, and Pirate and showed us with the help of her crew how their back bends. A great visual here as Spice and Xtreme Arts try to step away from the norm of Dancehall videos. Lots of booty shaking going on along with some clean shots. Ladies it’s time to get your back bending by checking out the video below and sharing your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @SpiceOfficial x @IamTheKartel – Conjugal Visit


Dropping a new music video today are Dancehall artists Spice…and Vybz Kartel? Titled “Conjugal Visit” and directed by Xtreme Arts, we see the artists expressing how they miss each other as Vybz is currently in prison while Spice is on the outside having moments where she misses having him near. With this in mind, Spice sets out to make a conjugal visit to Vybz at the Horizon Adult Remand Center. What can I say this is a rather interesting video as they’ve done a great job at getting a Vybz Karteldouble” and the video quality is very clean. I believe this could be another hit for the artists but I’m not sure if it will be as big as “Ramping Shop“. Only time will tell. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.


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