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Catch The “Drift” In Teejay’s Much-Anticipated New Video

You’ve heard it everywhere, and it continues to be infectious. What are we talking about? Dancehall Artist Teejay’sDrift“! Over the past few weeks, the DJ Mac-produced single has worked its way up to viral status on Social Media, with many anticipating the official Music Video. The wait is over as Teejay finally unveiled it.

Directed by Lagikz Supreme, get ready to join Teejay and a number of dancers in putting on the moves in the “Drift” video. Featuring various clips including the viral scene where the Deejay was performing on top a Vehicle, viewers will be locked in to a very enjoyable visual. If you haven’t learned the “Drift” dance, this is your time to make it happen. The video also features a few highlights of the “Drift Challenge” from TikTok, and even some behind the scenes footage. We hope this means Teejay will finally drop the long-awaited album this year.

A bet me f*** up in ya…

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.@TeejayUpTop Remains Ambitious On “Visa”!

While we’ve been awaiting his album for quite some time, Dancehall Artist Teejay continues to put in the groundwork that will further increase his following, and solidify his catalogue. His journey as an Artist has seen substantial growth over the years, making him one of the go-to Artists. No matter the level he is at, he remains ambitious. He speaks on that on “Visa“.

On a Sweet Music-produced track and a Xtreme Arts-directed video, Teejay still eyes the kind of success that will be long-lasting, and forever beneficial for himself and his loved ones. Despite the many challenges that may come his way, he trusts in the higher power to guide his steps, and avoid the oppressors who may try to block his path. Teejay connects with various people in the visual including some kids in the community, and at this point in time the youth need positive messages and the right people around them for guidance. The dream from “Rags To Riches” is still active.

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"12 Days Of Choppa Christmas" Playlist on 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica #MontegoBay #Dancehall #Music #13thStreetPromotions #Scammer #Scamma #Choppa #ChopDancehall #Music #Caribbean #ChoppaChristmas #Christmas #Playlist #Spotify

Celebrate “12 Days Of Choppa Christmas” With Our New Playlist!

Christmas Day is almost here, and the parties have already started. Christmas is celebrated by all sorts of people from different backgrounds, but what about the Scammers and Choppas? While they use the other days of the year to relish in their spoils from various activities, how do they celebrate Christmas? Well, while we can’t answer that, we made a Playlist just for those who want to pretend to live like a Choppa during Christmas for a while.

With the “12 Days Of Choppa ChristmasPlaylist, we’ve compiled 12 Chop Dancehall hits that instantly shut the place down. From Squash to Valiant, we hope you enjoy the tracks, and be sure to rock Polo, Aeropostale, American Eagle, Gucci, and Psycho Bunny while listening.

13th Street Promotions does not endorse scamming activities, but some of the songs are cool to listen to.

In case you see this before or after the day, we wish for you a great Christmas, and may it be all you wanted this year.

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Krys Evans Connects With Teejay On “All Night”!

US based Recording Artist Krys Evans is gearing up to add some hits to her growing catalogue this year, and beyond. She has been putting in the work behind the scenes, and she’s now ready to make her contribution to turning up the heat this Summer. Today, she released her latest single, “All Night“.

Released through JAHLEP Entertainment, Krys Evans teams up with Dancehall Artist Teejay on “All Night”. The new single is for the lovers, and those who wish to be closer to the one they love. In a time where being in love is not promoted as much, Krys and Teejay made a song that will find new love blooming for many, and those who have a history of love to continue making it better.

All Night” is a fun record that speaks on intimacy and wanting to spend every waking moment with your lover. I wrote this record because no one talks about being in love anymore and how sweet it feels. Waking up next to someone you care about deeply makes you feel complete. I wanted to tap into that on this record,” shared Krys Evans. The collaboration shows two Artists who have great deliveries, and could be a sign of more music from them. “All Night” is the Dancehall follow up to Krys’ 2021 collaboration with Reggae/Dancehall legend Sizzla Kalonji called, “On Everything.

For those unfamiliar with Krys Evans, she is a Singer, Songwriter, and Rapper, and has collaborated with Jim Jones, Murda Mook, and Loaded Lux. She released her debut album, “Resilient” in 2020, and looks to follow up in 2023.

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Blvk H3ro & Teejay "Rich And Blessed" on 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica #Dancehall #Music #Teejay #BlvkH3ro #RichAndBlessed #Caribbean

Blvk H3ro Is “Rich And Blessed” On Teejay Featured Single.

Recording Artist Blvk H3ro continues to keep his name hot, and bring his music to more parts of the globe. Still enjoying feedback from previously released singles, he has recently taken his talents to numerous stops across the US, building up his fanbase in the process. In his quest to secure more hits and produce quality music, Blvk H3ro releases “Rich And Blessed“.

Produced by Shane Creative, Blvk H3ro teams up with Recording Artist Teejay on “Rich And Blessed”. Combining impressive sounds and deliveries, and positive lyrics about the richness they add to their families and communities, “Rich And Blessed” may be one of the highlights of 2022. Teejay has been hitting the ground hard with a string of successful singles, and has been setting the tone for the release of his highly anticipated album, “Rags To Riches“. “Rich And Blessed” was released through Delicious Vinyl Island, and a music video for the single may be in the works.

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Teejay "Different Species" on 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica #Teejay #Music #Dancehall #DifferentSpecies #Alien #Caribbean

Teejay Separates Himself From Everyone On “Different Species”!

Dancehall Artist Teejay is still putting the finishing touches to his long-awaited album, “Rags To Riches“. While it previously was on 2021’s most anticipated list along with the likes of Masicka’s438” album, looks like Teejay is letting the anticipation grow even more. In the meantime, he lets more singles take over, including his latest, “Different Species“.

With a video directed by Lagikz Visualz, Teejay separates himself from everyone here. Over the Extol Music produced beat, he calls out those who try to leech off of his blessings and success, and explicitly states that he wants nothing to do with them. The video finds him between hanging out with his real friends, and standing alone on another Planet. Teejay still gives us his signature vocals and Singjay delivery, and we can’t wait for his new project to be available.

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