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Catch The “Drift” In Teejay’s Much-Anticipated New Video

You’ve heard it everywhere, and it continues to be infectious. What are we talking about? Dancehall Artist Teejay’sDrift“! Over the past few weeks, the DJ Mac-produced single has worked its way up to viral status on Social Media, with many anticipating the official Music Video. The wait is over as Teejay finally unveiled it.

Directed by Lagikz Supreme, get ready to join Teejay and a number of dancers in putting on the moves in the “Drift” video. Featuring various clips including the viral scene where the Deejay was performing on top a Vehicle, viewers will be locked in to a very enjoyable visual. If you haven’t learned the “Drift” dance, this is your time to make it happen. The video also features a few highlights of the “Drift Challenge” from TikTok, and even some behind the scenes footage. We hope this means Teejay will finally drop the long-awaited album this year.

A bet me f*** up in ya…

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Chronic Law Gets Into Some “Spiritual Warfare”

Dancehall Artist Chronic Law is the hardest working Artist in Jamaica, it’s official. A week hasn’t passed where there wasn’t new content from the “Law Boss” whether in the form of a new single, or a music video. His fans aren’t complaining, and he’s not slowing down any time soon. Today, he released the video for the new single, “Spiritual Warfare“.

Directed by Now Or Never, Chronic Law is on guard here. No matter what the enemy has planned for him, he is always alert, and won’t let anyone take away his 3 points. Always militant, the “Law Boss” lives a specific life, and will always share elements of it in his songs. “Spiritual Warfare” was produced by DJ Mac Productions and Fuss Nation Music. As always, be on the lookout for more Chronic Law content. If you know his work ethic, expect a few new songs or videos before the weekend’s over. Prayers up.

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Brysco Unleashes Visual For Viral Track, “Code”!

Dancehall Artist Brysco has been making it happen with his collection of singles and visual content in the past few months, and his fanbase has been steadily growing. Thanks to Social Media platforms TikTok and Instagram, he has been gaining a huge buzz thanks to a preview of the single, “Code“. Today, he finally gives us the track in full.

Produced by DJ Mac, 3KMG, and Josh Skull Records, Brysco saw the snippet of “Code” grow in such a big way in a very short amount of time. Seeing that it was the right moment for release, Brysco unleashed a music video directed by 9Mile Visuals that finds him living life in “Sport Mode“. Brysco is expected to release more music in the coming days, and looks forward to the support through Social Media, and prominent platforms.

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Get Bottle Service For @RudeJerms X @DJMac__’s “Pop Champagne Mix”!

It’s no secret that Hip Hop and Dancehall have been close siblings over the years. With the increasing popularity of the “Trap Music” genre, there have been more Artists crossing over to get a new audience and test out a new style in their craft. In Jamaica, it has seen its increase starting in late 2015 and newcomer Jermani aims to solidify his name out there with his “Pop Champagne Mix“. With DJ Mac overseeing, Jermani lets listeners in on his “Rude Boy Ting” lifestyle over various original and popular Production. He recently spoke on his debut project stating that it’s his way of bringing a unique sound to the game, showing listeners that he can be versatile in subject matter, and aims to stand out not only in the Jamaican Hip Hop scene, but worldwide.

Have a listen to the Mix below, and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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