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We Get An Exclusive @RoshRebelMusic On “13th Street Quarantine Sessions” Ep. 4!

On episode 4 of our “13th Street Quarantine Sessions” series, Recording Artist Rosh Rebel is our latest performer. Tonight she gives us an early listen of her upcoming single, “Dream On“! The Montego Bay based Vocalist has been making her rounds with some great music, and lending her vocals to various releases by other Artists. With motivating lyrics and a powerful delivery, Rosh Rebel is another voice that you should get familiar with.

The “13th Street Quarantine Sessions” can be seen every Wednesday and Friday on the Blog, or on our Youtube Channel (subscribe here). We look forward to your support with this series, as we try to put you on to more Artists and their incredible musical contributions. If you wish to be a part of the series, hit us up in the “Contact Me” section. Sponsorships are welcomed as well.

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