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.@Skillibeng & @ShenYeng Join @WizKidAyo On “Slip N Slide” Track!

Nigerian Afrobeats star WizKid returns to form with the release of his long-awaited album, “More Love, Less Ego“. The album was teased weeks ago, and has finally found its place in the collections of fans from around the world. The album boasts a heavy lineup, including Dancehall Artists Skillibeng and Shenseea, who join him on the track, “Slip N Slide“.

Produced by P2J, WizKid brought along Skillibeng and Shenseea for a track that aims to bring out the sensual sides of the listeners. They all deliver in their own way on “Slip N Side”, with Skilli and ShenYeng further securing more International collaborations to add to their growing discographies. Shenseea has been busy in recent months, and looks to dominate even more in 2023, while Skillibeng has been taking over various stages, and getting collabs with some of the biggest names out. Expect to hear more from them in the coming weeks. For those who missed WizKid, here’s new music to enjoy!

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Skeng Releases Debut EP, “Beast Of The Era”!

The time has come for Dancehall Artist Skeng to show the world that he is more than a singles Artist. With the year being kind to his career, he steps his game up even more with the release of his debut EP, “Beast Of The Era“.

Featuring 6 tracks, Skeng is ready to cross new territories, and connect with more fans. The EP will serve as an introduction, setting up the play for a debut album to be released in the future. Rvssian, John Coop, and DiTruth Records make up for the production on the EP while Shenseea and Jiggy D are the only guest features. Skeng has been enjoying looks internationally all year and high profile collaborations, so “Beast Of The Era” is just another step before becoming a major factor in other parts of the world. Prepare for a new era!

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.@ShenYeng’s “Pon Mi” Lives Different Lives On TikTok!

Over the past few months, users of the Social Media platform TikTok would hear the following opening line from various videos in their feeds, “P***y tight, p***y clean, p***y fresh…“. The song behind that is Dancehall Artist Shenseea’s 2018 single, “Pon Mi“. Produced by Dunw3ll, the single was an instant hit for the “ShenYeng” Artist, and it showed on streaming platforms Youtube, Apple Music, and Spotify. The original song was also loved on Instagram, but when it crossed over to TikTok, it became a different monster.

When “Pon Mi” made its debut on TikTok, the song would be used in dance videos, “fresh out the shower” selfie videos, and was even heavily used in Dog TikToker MisterMainer clips. Over the past few weeks, “Pon Mi” would enjoy a series of remixes that would make Romeich shed tears. Thanks to various Producers (including Ranvision) and DJs, “Pon Mi” was given Classical Music remixes, EDM remixes, 70s Pop remixes, Country Music remixes, K-Pop remixes, Hip Hop remixes, and just about any style you can think of. If we can predict it just a lil bit, the popularity of Shenseea’s “Pon Mi” may reflect exponentially in the streams, making it one of her most popular singles ever. With TikTok becoming the hot platform for Artists to gain major exposure, for old songs to get a new life, and for new hits to be made, we’re curious to see what will happen next.

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.@DuttyPaul Sets Flames With @ShenYeng & @GwenStefani On “Light My Fire”

In case you didn’t know, Sean Paul is back with a brand new album called, “Scorcha“! The follow up to the GRAMMY nominated “Live N Livin” album, Sean is on a path to take over the International market once again with his brand of Dancehall music. With a few singles out for the just released album, Sean boasts a few prominent features on there, including Shenseea and Gwen Stefani as they join him on the track, “Light My Fire“.

Produced by Jigzag, KooolKojak and AC, Sean Paul takes care of raising the temperature for the ladies on Light My Fire”. Over a production that taps into some old school sounds, you might find yourself skanking, or slow wining with your partner to this. Shenseea adds her signature flair on track while Gwen Stefani brings her classic vocals on the hook (Haven’t heard Gwen in a long time). Got a copy of “Scorcha” yet? Check the streams now!

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.@ShenYeng Takes Her Career To The Next Level With “ALPHA” Debut Album

Dancehall Artist Shenseea is a go-getter. Since her breakout in 2016, she has been one of the more consistent Artists, dropping plenty hits, and steadily growing her fanbase. Her career took a change for the better when she became the spokesperson for many corporate brands locally and Internationally, but when she signed to Rich Immigrants/Interscope Records, the world was going to see a lot more of her. With a few high profile collaborations and International appearances secured, fans were anticipating an album from Shenseea. She finally made that move with the release of her debut album, “ALPHA“.

Featuring 14 tracks, Shenseea is ready to make a bigger impact on the globe with “ALPHA”. While many Dancehall Artists scoffed at the idea of making albums, the tunes changed in recent years, and Shen joins a growing list of Artists who have released at least 1 complete body of work. Shenseea still gives fans a dose of her signature style, but she taps into other lanes on this album as well. She shows that she has bars, and holds a note well throughout, and with collaborations with Offset, Megan Thee Stallion, Beenie Man, Sean Paul, 21 Savage, and Tyga, her name and face will be present in many more places, encouraging more collabs. She still connects with her Dancehall sounds thanks to Rvssian, Stephen “Di Genius” McGregor, Chimney Records, and Romeich Entertainment, but she takes advantage of the label’s connections by hopping on beats from Scott Storch, Dr. Luke, Cool & Dre, London On Da Track, Murda Beatz, and many others.

Shenseea may be on board to creating history, and only time will tell if she will have an impact like Sean Paul and Shaggy, or greater. “ALPHA” is just a small dose of what’s to come from her, and we hope Jamaica and the rest of the world are ready for it. Congrats to Chinsea!

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Shenseea "Deserve It" for 13thStreetPromotions.com #Jamaica #PopMusic #Shenseea #ShenYeng #13thStreetPromotions #Caribbean #Rvssian

.@ShenYeng Releases “Deserve It” Single Off Upcoming Debut Album

Dancehall Artist Shenseea is still riding high, and making her name find its place in more parts of the globe. While she’s still getting a substantial buzz from her rather controversial Lick” single featuring Meg Thee Stallion, ShenYeng is all about getting right for her upcoming debut album, “Alpha“. She takes things up a notch with the new single, “Deserve It“.

Produced by Rvssian, Shenseea is continuing her path of branching out to doing other forms of music. “Deserve It” brings forward a very poppy vibe, and Shenseea finds herself pursuing someone special on the track. The track looks to become a Billboard Pop Charts contender, and we will see over time if her star power will shine brighter than ever. The uptempo vibes here definitely encourages us to dance, and we know her fans are loving every bit of this. What else do you think Shenseea has in store for us on her debut album? Stay tuned!

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