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.@SpiceOfficial Channels Her Inner Señorita On “Fiesta”!

If you were under a rock for the past couple weeks, Dancehall Artist Spice dived into the sea of controversy and had the people talking. With a skin bleaching stunt to promote her black positive single, the Deejay and now Reality Show Star topped it off with the release of her latest Mixtape titled, “Captured“. Since the releases, Spice has been a never ending topic to discuss. While all that is well and good, what probably slid under the radar for many, is she gave us another side of her musical prowess to enjoy, singing in Spanish! On the track titled “Fiesta“, Spice gets into some Latin production and delivered! While the mixtape featured some of her usual arsenal, this unique entry is one that should garner numerous repeats. A rather caliente track indeed, feel free to translate the lyrics. Want to get into more Spice? Check out our “Meet Grace ‘Spice’ HamiltonPlaylist, and our tribute to the “Dancehall Queen of the Stage“. Check it out below, and share with a friend. Show us some love on Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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@SpiceOfficial: The Dancehall Queen Of The Stage!

We salute the “Stage Show Boss” in this post. As the saying goes, “Give people Flowers while they can still smell them”. Big up Spice!

The Throne for the Dancehall Queen is currently vacant, and there could only be one who ascends to claim her rightful place at the top of Dancehall. The genre is now in the Era of “The Spicy 1“, and though her given name is Grace Latoya Hamilton, we know her as Spice! Never been far from the spotlight, Spice proved time and time again that she’s in a lane of her own with no contenders. From acting, to singing, deejaying, to dancing, she’s multifaceted and continues to have an edge among her peers.

Words by King David x SwadeDaVillain

Since her debut, Spice has always been one to push boundaries in Dancehall as a Female Artist. She will always be known for being different whether it be for the colour of her hair, her unique outfits, or her many stand out singles. Among her Dancehall peers, she has never been afraid to outperform them, whether male or female. Her various Clash appearances, “War” records and counteractions are proof of this. Bounty Killer, one of her earliest mentors, hailed her as one of the “Baddest” acts before she even scored her first hit.

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NEW VIDEO: @OnstageTV Interviews @SpiceOfficial

With singles that have earned lots of buzz in the streets, to videos with views in the millions, Spice is a force to be reckoned with in 2015. On Onstage the “Stage Show Boss” spoke about the success of her singles, the impact of “So Mi Like It“, avoiding beef, “Needle Eye“, Social Media shenanigans and apologizing for one mistake, and staying booked till next year. Spice also premiered her video for “Needle Eye“. Good to see Spice on a crazy run right now, I do hope next year is even better for her career. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW MUSIC: @SpiceOfficial – Needle Eye


Dropping new music today is Dancehall artist Spice! Titled “Needle Eye” and produced by Brixton Music Group, she’s as sexual as ever, but does it effortlessly over an old school Dancehall styled riddim. Spice ensures listeners know she’s a lady in the street, but a bedroom bully behind closed doors. Got to respect Spice’s hustle as she keeps dropping song after song, video after video, and she constantly tours. A song that’ll drive patrons crazy wherever it’s played, just get it ready for the “Dash Out” segment. Check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

Clean Version

Raw Version

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NEW VIDEO: @SpiceOfficial – Back Bend


With “Back Bend” blazing trails on radio, and your popular DJ‘s set, Spice finally unveiled the visual. Directed by Xtreme Arts, Spice took on roles of Dancer, Conductor, and Pirate and showed us with the help of her crew how their back bends. A great visual here as Spice and Xtreme Arts try to step away from the norm of Dancehall videos. Lots of booty shaking going on along with some clean shots. Ladies it’s time to get your back bending by checking out the video below and sharing your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @OnstageTV Interviews @SpiceOfficial


Having enjoyed a long run of success, Spice has done no wrong. Is she looking to take it down a notch? She speaks on that and more on Onstage. Here she spoke on making space for “Grace Hamilton” and showcasing her versatility, her single “I Love You“, reconciling with her children’s father, 2014 being her best year career wise, and addressing domestic abuse. She also performed a couple songs including “I Love You“. I respect Spice for being one of the best to do it and 2015 is going to be even better. You can catch her at the nearest airport as she’s always flying out for shows. Check out the interview below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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