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.@Mavado_Gully & Jahshii Deal With Loss On “Tears”

It’s never easy when it comes to dealing with loss. When we can no longer reach out to a loved one, many of us are left with just memories of time spent with them. Dancehall Artists Mavado and Jahshii have dealt with their share of losses, and share some words together on the new single, “Tears“.

Directed by Now Or Never, Mavado and Jahshii reflect on some of the people closest to them who are no longer here. Together they share melodies and heartfelt lyrics over production by Damage Musiq. The collaboration has been anticipated for quite some time, and we look forward to more from the Gully Gad and the First Nation Boss. Mavado has been busy getting back into Dancehall with a handful of singles, while Jahshii recently teamed up with Masicka on “Pieces, and is taking his music to new listeners through a series of performances in Jamaica, and the rest of the Caribbean. Say a prayer for a loved one you lost.


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Masicka x Jahshii "Pieces" on #Jamaica #Dancehall #DefJam #Masicka #Jahshii #Pieces #13thStreetPromotions #Caribbean

.@MasickaMusic Makes @DefJam Debut With Jahshii-Featured, “Pieces”!

It’s official, the “GenahSyde BossMasicka is now a part of the illustrious Def Jam Records roster. The Deejay looks to make a bigger impact in his career, and has already stated that he’s working on a followup to his critically acclaimed “438” album. Making his debut, he gives us the new single, “Pieces“.

Produced by Moz Zaro Hamm, “Pieces” is a collaboration between Masicka and Dancehall Artist Jahshii. The Deejays share their observations and challenges throughout their respective paths, but still provide motivation for those listening. No matter how tough it gets, you can always move forward and make things better. Like puzzle pieces, you fit them back in the right places, and make progress. Masicka and Jahshii share great energy and deliveries throughout the track, and fans of both Artists will enjoy the much anticipated First Nation x Genahsyde collab.

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Jahshii releases "Media" single on #Jamaica #Jahshii #Dancehall

.@JahshiMusic Shares His Thoughts On The “Media” In New Single

By now you may have seen the Interview with Anthony Miller of Entertainment Report (ER), and Dancehall Artist Jahshii. It went viral over the weekend, and every other person has been sharing their opinions on what took place due to its controversial nature. Like a true Artist, Jahshii saw the Interview’s traction as an opportunity to capitalize. He rightfully did so with the release of, “Media“.

Produced by Sonovic Music and Herah Music Production, Jahshii used his time to share his thoughts pertaining to the Interview, and the Media in general. With an opening line like “Play fool fi ketch wise, dem a eediat, cyah trick me wid di Media…“, you know he has something to say, and will not be censored or manipulated in any way. While many shared their opinions good and bad about the Interview, the end result is Jahshii’s name trending on various platforms. Jahshii has quickly become an Artist on radar in the past few months, and we believe there will be many more controversial moments like this for him. He has a lot more in store, so stay tuned.

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