NEW MUSIC: @KashKapri X @Shotti48 – KASHFLW


Playing on the word KA$HFLW, aside from the cliché, it directly creates a call to action for Kash Kapri who actually leaves room for Imije to have his own distinct flow on the track.  It’s quite obvious that the artistes never really parted ways because they complement each other well (hook).

Personally, I believe the bass on the track could be tweaked in addition to having the sonics turned up for my preference (I’d add it to my vehicle turn up playlist at that point lol). Gaz beats did a good job producing/mixing, my question is was there mastering done and if so, who did it? There is a level of evolution to be seen here overall. The track cover is dope; if nothing about your music is good, the one thing that can be used to speak otherwise is PROPER PACKAGING. Flow on point, lyrics on point. 876 Hip-Hop never disappoints.


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