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.@JobyJayMusic Turns Up The “Love Levels” With Debut EP

Jamaican Creative/Recording Artist Joby Jay has come a long way since her debut single, “Big Girl Ting“. With a few awards, performances, and singles to her name, she looks to become a household name, and a global brand. To take things to a new level, she recently released her debut EP, “Love Levels“.

Containing 7 tracks, the “Love Levels” EP finds Joby Jay tapping into love in different forms, relationships, and showcasing her vocal abilities and ear for unique sounds. To kick off the rollout for the EP, Joby released the single “Bare“, which was met with positive feedback. With production from the likes of NLSON, Koastal Kings, J.L.L., Island.Wav, Ziah, and Yannick Martin Belinga, Joby Jay’s songs were placed in great hands, and together they make for an entertaining listen. Listeners new to her music will not be disappointed with “Love Levels”, and can look forward to even more offerings from her in the future.

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Jamaica Salutes Legendary Songwriter Thom Bell In Our New Playlist!

As we close another Black History Month, we use this last day to honour a Jamaican who helped to shape the musical landscape. His name is Thom Bell, and he is the co-creator of the “Philadelphia Soul” that reigned the 1970s. A Songwriter, Producer, Composer, and Arranger, Thom Bell gave the world classics, and has influenced generations. Today, we salute him with our latest Playlist titled, “Jamaica Sings For Thom Bell“.

Featuring 14 tracks (more would’ve been added if they were available for streaming), we highlight some of the Jamaican Artists who have covered songs that were either written, produced, or arranged by Thom Bell. From John Holt, to Horace Andy, to Boris Gardiner, to Alton Ellis, to Etana, we hear covers of classics by The Delfonics, Deneice Williams, The Stylistics, and more. Listeners can learn something new, or reconnect with songs that affected them in ways when they first heard them in the new Playlist. Soul Music along with R&B sounds have a heavy influence in Jamaican music, so it’s only right that many of the American classics were covered by some of the Jamaican greats. The late Thom Bell gave the world something special, and his work will continue to entertain and inspire. Thank you for everything Thom Bell, rest well.

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Sizzla Brings His Melodies Out On “All This Time”!

Jamaican Music Icon Sizzla Kalonji has been having a year filled with many positive moments. Recently however, his name has been thrown in some controversy with International DJ/Producer DJ Khaled. No matter what though, Sizzla always manages to churn out great music. He takes things to a different level on the single, “All This Time“.

Produced in collaboration with Space Age Rasta of Lead Out Productions and Kalonji Music Productions, Sizzla gets into some Reggae/R&B vibes here. With his signature melodies handy, he belts out nothing but lyrics of love for his Queen on “All This Time”. The new single comes in time for the holidays, and this one is recommended for all the couples at this time. Sizzla has been busy taking the stage these past few days, and fans can look forward to him singing and deejaying the hits in a town near you in the coming days! Dedicate “All This Time” to your person today!

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.@KyngTavii Shows Off Another Side To Him On “This Is Not A Love Song”.

Recently, Comedian/Recording Artist Kyng Tavii had a moment of controversy. He revealed that he worked with currently incarcerated Dancehall Artist Tommy Lee Sparta on a few songs. Their working relationship however ended on a bad note, and Tavii chose to share his information after being accosted by associates of Tommy Lee. While Tavii faced some opposition and doubt that his talents were good enough to use in collaboration with the Dancehall Artist, he chose to share original material that would prove that he was legitimate. The track “This Is Not A Love Song” is one of his original pieces.

Produced by PeeKay Beatz, Kyng Tavii shows off another side to his sound on the R&B-tinged “This Is Not A Love Song”. Geared towards the ladies, Tavii puts together slick lyrics, a melodic delivery, and a great command of the original production for a song that sounds like a hit. Even the people who bashed him behind the scenes can’t deny that Kyng Tavii is legit with the music. Don’t worry, Kyng Tavii will be back with the Comedy soon, just get familiar with the music.

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DJ Blkluos x It'sRyan "I Know" on #Canada #Toronto #DJBlkLuos #ItsRyan #HipHop #13thStreetPromotions #Caribbean #Music

.@DJBlkLuos Teams Up With @ItsRyansWay On “I Know”!

Canada’s DJ BlkLuos returns with more work for the Summer! With a few singles and projects out, he continues to show his dedication to bringing new sounds out into the world, and introduce different voices on his platforms. Whatever your musical taste is, BlkLuos will take care of that. Recently, he linked up with fellow Canadian Recording Artist It’sRyan for the track, “I Know“!

Over some smooth production provided by DJ BlkLuos, It’sRyan has a conversation with a love interest on “I Know”, as he questions her motives, and sees if the connection is genuine. It’sRyan gives us great vocals throughout, and if you aren’t familiar with his music, we urge you to get to know him as he has been making his rounds as one of the Artists you need to hear. Accompanying the track is a music video directed by DJ BlkLuos, who continues to show the extent of his creativity, and starring Vancouver/Toronto based Model, Jessica Gianna.

DJ BlkLuos has a lot more music lined up for the 2nd half of 2022, so get your speakers and Playlists ready! Check out “I Know” below, and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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.@EatVyouz Makes A Splash With Her Debut Single, “Wet”.

Sometimes we want that tingle in our spines, that warmth that is sometimes missing, that joy, the touch that is pretty special. While some may interpret that in any way they wish, newcomer onto the scene Vyouz shares that she has a need that should be dealt with expeditiously. She talks about it in her debut single, “Wet“.

Co-Produced by Rico’Keefe, Vyouz takes us into her world which is rather steamy, insatiable, and will have you losing your garments, and track of time. “Wet” can be described as “Baby making music“, and Vyouz looks to provide that and a lot more in her music career. Accompanying the single is a Visualizer which was directed by Vyouz in collaboration with Magical Studios. We expect Vyouz to make a big mark on the music scene, keep an eye out for more.

What do your think of Vyouz’s debut single, “Wet”? Check out the Visualizer below, and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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