OLDIES SUNDAY: @BigShipFreddie (Freddie McGregor) – I Was Born A Winner (1992)

Now this was a record! Captain of the Big Ship Freddie McGregor makes his way on my Oldies Sunday selection today. Titled, “I Was Born A Winner” and produced in 1992 by himself and Danny Browne, this was a cover of Derrick Harriott’s 1967 hit “The Loser“. Freddie sings about missing his lady love and deflecting being called a loser, pretty great song to jam to.

I Was Born A Winner” went on to be a big hit in Jamaica and overseas and has been sung in many of his performances. Freddie McGregor also released many more hits and albums over the years and has recently released his 36th studio album, “Di Captain“. Freddie also established the Big Ship label, as well as Big Ship Recording Studio and has groomed many performers and producers including his sons Stephen McGregor (Di Genius) and Daniel “Chino” McGregor. Thank you for Freddie McGregor for this hit.

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