OLDIES SUNDAY: @DavidRudder – High Mas (Give Praise) (1998)


Taking it to another Caribbean Island this Oldies Sunday. The selection comes from Trinidadian artist, David Rudder. Titled “High Mas (Give Praise)” and produced by JW Productions in 1998, Rudder brought the church to the Mas (Masquerade). With great backup vocals and a energetic Calypso production, the song was done as a prayer asking for guidance during the Carnival season in Trinidad & Tobago.

High Mas“, paired with a Part 2 titled “High Mas II“, was also included on David Rudder’s 1998 album “Beloved“, which was released on the LypsoLand label. This became one of the most well known singles for Rudder, who has been hailed as the most successful Calypso artist of all time with a near 40 year musical career. “High Mas” has been covered by the likes of Lutionaires, and the Nu-Tones, a band that was arranged by the late “High Priest of Pan Art“, Clive Bradley. Known for his social commentary in his lyrics, Rudder was no stranger to making hits at the time and since “High Mas“, he has went on to create more music and pay tribute to those who did it before him.

Thank you David Rudder for this timeless song! 





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