GET TO KNOW: The Council (@FiveSteez x @Inztinkz x @TheSickestDrama x @NomadCarlos)

What do you get when you enlist Jamaican Rappers Five Steez, Nomad Carlos, The Sickest Drama with Inztinkz who boasts Production and Rapping skills? The super group called “The Council” of course! Since their debut single “Council Arts” in 2015, listeners have been eager to hear what these Artists can do over more production on a mixtape, EP, or album format. Though seasoned members in the “First Coast” movement, The Council aims to bring more listeners to where Hip Hop came from, and of course show them that they’re nice with the flow when they form like Voltron.

Interview by: @Sef_Jo
Photos by: @TheTherapistSOL

1. I just finished listening to… and heard that Joey Bada$$ was in the Island recently. Did any of you meet with him? That would certainly have been a “PRO” move by The Council.

Inztinkz: Nah I didn’t get the chance to meet him actually, I guess it was just a matter of our circles not crossing.
Five Steez: I didn’t meet Joey when he was here but I respect his work. I really liked his album, B4da$$.
Nomad Carlos: What’s good? Nah I wasn’t in JA when that went down. I probably wouldn’t have met with him anyway due to the circles of interest on his part.
TSD: Nah, we didn’t meet with him, but I’m aware of other First Coast affiliates who did, and I hope something positive comes out of it.
2. Pretend this is a phone call I made to acquire just the right amount of insight about the rap game from the only comrades who actually know the direction of authentic Jamaican emceeing. Fill me in on as much details as possible.
Inztinkz: Jamaican emceeing had always been in a weird place. Right now I think because of the diversity of influences in rap in general, Jamaican emceeing can’t be pinned down to one particular style per-se. Its really an amalgamation of the the Jamaican experience and all that influences it done via the medium of Hip Hop.
TSD: Jamaican Hip Hop is an underground phenomenon that’s bubbling in local scene waiting for the right avenues and spotlight to emerge. There are many rappers scattered across the island, although ‎the fraternity seems more insular in remote parts of the country. There’s a diverse range in terms of influence and sound, but the common denominator is re arranging the yard experience through the prism of Hip Hop culture as its become to be known internationally. It’s a post-modern aesthetic.
The Sickest Drama
The Sickest Drama

3. With all this new insight gained, I believe it is now time to get specific with this new Council product that has hit the media from multiple angles. The public has (and will continue to have) a high expectation; how does the team endeavor to meet said expectation and not disappoint the true fan base of “Yaadcore”?
Inztinkz: Well all we can really do is to do what we do best. We’ve been doing what we do for years and we definitely sharp with our swords. The fans can expect nothing but good music from the project.
Five Steez: Any high expectation that exists is because we set precedents. Listeners have become accustomed to hearing quality, impactful music from me and my partners. We strive for a certain standard as individuals and, in a group setting, I think there is added inspiration and even, pressure, to perform. The people won’t be disappointed. We aim to be the best and do the best. And we are taking our time to ensure we deliver on that.
Nomad Carlos: Kinda feel honored that u feel that way (ha ha). I didn’t know that there was a high expectation in the minds of people on this product. But I will say I think we continue to do what we do best and with that the core fans will not be disappointed. I know some people wanted to see this happen for a while too so I’m glad we in a space now where we can finally bring that to the fans. But it’s an honor to be held at that level in the minds of people where they expecting a certain standard. Now the pressure is on to not disappoint.
TSD: Individually every man adheres to a strict standard of excellence in their own artistry and that ethic is only multiplied when ‘Voltron’ forms. I look at it no differently than an All Star Game/Dream Team type of scenario – the onus is on us to give a show to the fans and the melding of creative forces amongst the team leads to truly electric work. I can guarantee that the fans will not only get “what they expect” but that they will also be challenged as listeners to go on a few unexpected journeys along the way. We are focused and our material is built to last…as the title of the project suggests, “Nothing Else Matters”.
Nomad Carlos, The Council,
Nomad Carlos


4. I mean, that “Triumph” joint was too raw. Y’all realize when you get Inztinkz to snap like that…crazy! Unexpected drops like that, those get my attention. Will this project you plan to drop feature any act outside the Council?
Inztinkz: There will be a few features definitely, not letting anything out the bag as yet though
Five Steez: Respect for that. That was just a little sumn sumn. That’s from “Momentum Vol. 3” and there are over a dozen joints from me like that, over classic Hip Hop beats. As for features on The Council project, there will be some, but we want to keep that quiet until the album is complete.
Nomad Carlos: Well that’s what The Council does though. I didn’t expect anything less from those guys when they went in on “Triumph”. As for features, I’m just gonna say there could be some surprises depending where Inztinkz wants to take it. Still not 100 about it yet but I’m not even gonna drop no clues right now.
TSD: (blank stare) Unfortunately your security access does not allow for such information to be revealed. (Haha) Just be present to the release party and find out.
Inztinkz, The Council,


5. I can only imagine the level any other local Artiste must hit in order to match The Council’s wavelength; I do appreciate if you want to keep everything inner circle. My next question is, if you could have a collaboration with any currently famous Rapper/Emcee outside the local scene, who would it be?
Inztinkz: That’s a long list (hahahaha). Too many names to mention.
Five Steez: You mentioned Joey…maybe him. J. Cole or Kendrick, maybe. Working with Nas would be dope.
Nomad Carlos: Hmm…Outside the local scene I’d really work with anybody still. Once I can vibe with somebody and we wanna work it’s pretty simple. I don’t think I have any dream collabs anymore though. I used to be all about that back in the day but now I guess I’m just like if it’s hot and if you’re dope, we can work, regardless of the level of success you’ve seen.
TSD: It’s weird for me to answer this question, but sometimes dream collaborations can be a gift and a curse – let’s put it that way. There are a great list of legends who I respect and it would be an honor to do a joint with any one of them.
6. Personally, I consider the statement: “Support the Artiste” day in, day out. Very recently I gave a public speech to about 20 people about myself and I made stark reference to the “First Coast” movement as I concluded the presentation. The response I got from the audience resonated well with my core. Let the fans know any way in which they can help to support The Council as you continue to propel yourselves into the future. [We Want To Know]

Inztinkz: Respect for taking that opportunity to mention “First Coast”. Support is what its about.  Fans can find me on:

Five Steez: Listen to the music and spread the music. Tell people about it. Buy my music on Bandcamp. Buy my music on iTunes. Buy a ticket to our show when the album is done. And bring friends.

Twitter: FiveSteez

Instagram: FiveSteez

Nomad Carlos: Well I always welcome support. I even have a separate venture going on which is my Record Label “ArkHouse Music”. That’s where you will see all future Nomad Carlos’ solo releases and you can connect with us on the Facebook and Twitter. The music is available on Soundcloud and our visuals is on the Youtube channel. Listening to the music, engaging and purchasing our projects and soon to be released merch is all the support you could give us right now.

Instagram: NomadCarlos
Twitter: @nomadcarlos

TSD: Follow, Retweet, tell a friend to tell a friend, subscribe to the YouTube channel, repost on SoundCloud, play the music at the highest volume when you’re in your car, educate anyone about us when you’re having that convo about nowadays Hip Hop, come to the show, get involved and feel free to interact with us if you have opportunities to share with the crew. We’re accessible and we’re willing to connect and build.

Five Steez, The Council
Five Steez


7. As I wrap this up, no one has been able to learn anything new about the Pay Attention series since last year’s affair. Pay Attention was a movement for the youth, made by the youth. I have seen other events being promoted, but none have yet made the same impression on me as Pay Attention has. Update us if you can, please?
Five Steez: Pay Attention will return when The Council album is done. And our first event will be a presentation of our work.

Nomad Carlos: Word. Thanks I’m honored to hear that man. We worked hard and bled to keep that event going while we did. Trust me it wasn’t easy but it was all for the love of what we do. Big up everybody who also showed the initiative to do something for the culture too whether is Blog, a show, or a TV show it’s a great thing and we all just got to support each other to build the scene. As for Pay Attention, it will be back and when it does It will be back stronger. Trust.

TSD: We’re really going to have to declassify your security access, but i’ll say this…stay tuned! Pay Attention is not dead and the keyword is ‘expansion’. We took the hiatus to give this project to the community because we are artists first. And when we rolling this project out I suggest u keep your eyes open and pay…attention!





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