@Khaos_Music, @Lincoln3Dot Trade Bars On “Young Jesus Freestyle”!

What do you get when you add Lincoln 3Dot a.k.a. “Every Gal Man“, Khaos a.k.a. “Mr. One F**k“, and a Studio? Something crazy of course! Today, they’ve joined forces and crafted the “Young Jesus Freestyle“. Borrowing Hip Hop Artist Logic’sYoung Jesus” beat, the duo trade braggadocious bars, girls, stories, and let listeners know that they aim to leave a huge dent in the Music scene! A track that’ll have you rewinding frequently, this could be the beginning of something dope to come from these two Artists? Collab EP? Mixtape? Let’s see. Lincoln 3Dot’sPowaful: The Mixtape” and Khaos’Deception EP” are now available on iTunes (See sidebar on this site for their Album Art/Links to Download). Check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.





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