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@TheKhxos Continues To Elevate Despite The Hate In “Some More” Video

When it comes to being a creative, there comes a time where you will be met with a lot of oppression. Recording Artist Khxos knows a thing or few about such situations and recently released “Some More“. Today, he brings the video to your screens! Directed by Sean Alaric and shot in Miami, Khxos continues to fire back at the haters and lets them know that he’s still making progress so they can continue being naysayers in the meanwhile. Khxos also introduced a new member to “Team Khxos” in the visual, his new red hair! With a slew of new music dropping ever since his “Deception EP“, expect a new project from Khxos hopefully before the end of the year. If you want to catch Khxos live, be sure to look out for his appearances at a venue near you. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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@Khaos_Music Fires Back At The Doubters With “Some More”

Khaos blesses the Internet tonight with new music tonight fresh off his recent performance in New York. Titled “Some More“, this was produced by Class One Music and Nicko Rebel Music. Here, Khaos reflects on his journey as a Recording Artist, recalls those who doubted him, made fun of his work, never wished him any good, and wishes they’d do it some more so that he can work even harder. Khaos has been pretty busy as he’s still bringing his “Deception EP” to more listeners, enjoying 7 figure views off his collaboration with Andrew Trabass, and judging by his recent freestyles with Lincoln 3Dot…a new Mixtape? Stay tuned for more from Khaos but for now, check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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@Khaos_Music, @Lincoln3Dot Trade Bars On “Young Jesus Freestyle”!

What do you get when you add Lincoln 3Dot a.k.a. “Every Gal Man“, Khaos a.k.a. “Mr. One F**k“, and a Studio? Something crazy of course! Today, they’ve joined forces and crafted the “Young Jesus Freestyle“. Borrowing Hip Hop Artist Logic’sYoung Jesus” beat, the duo trade braggadocious bars, girls, stories, and let listeners know that they aim to leave a huge dent in the Music scene! A track that’ll have you rewinding frequently, this could be the beginning of something dope to come from these two Artists? Collab EP? Mixtape? Let’s see. Lincoln 3Dot’sPowaful: The Mixtape” and Khaos’Deception EP” are now available on iTunes (See sidebar on this site for their Album Art/Links to Download). Check out the track below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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REVIEW: @Khaos_Music – Deception EP

Recently, we at 13thStreetPromotions had the opportunity to listen to an early copy of Dancehall Artist Khaos’ “Deception EP”. With today being the day of the project’s release, we present to you the review! – SwadeDaVillain

Words By @Sef_Jo

Let me start by saying this, I sincerely appreciate Khaos for keeping 13thStreetPromotions in the loop where Deception is concerned. Very professional looks especially where promotion is concerned and I must say that I’ve definitely learnt a lot through working with him. The graphics, pics, audio, videos etc. are A1!
I notice that the theme “One Fuck” is prevalent throughout the entirety of the 5-track extended play. This keeps the theme relevant! Very good job.
  • One Fuck
    The original. Khaos made this into a household name and it continues to beat the streets hard. As a true “trapskull”, I have to admit that I wasn’t 100% sold on “One Fuck” after its initial release. Worse, when I heard “Make Love” [after One Fuck was released as a single] and even more recently, “Don’t Remix”. What had me completely stunned though was the reception of “One Fuck” by Khaos’ core fan base. The Deception EP’s leading single is literally a social sensation that has had much of its impact on and throughout the Jamaican Twitter community. There are threads upon threads related to the hashtag #OneFuck and for that reason, I have come to understand what makes “One Fuck” successful as a single, in and of itself. With a clean version available, Khaos has been able to market the track to hardcore fans as well as to DJs [local + international] for radio spins.

  • Search Fi Love
    Now this… connected with me on a more personal level and just like with “One Fuck” it took me a good couple listens to fully wrap my head around the concept. I am not unfamiliar with the actual “Search For Love” but let’s discuss the immediate switch up; though the drum kit [rhythm] remains similar to the previous track, there is the sound of a harp that strikingly contrasts the way Khaos lets us know that he is in no way, shape or form interested in falling for his “One Fuck”. The contrast here depicts how sweet her touch was/is but Khaos shakes us [listeners] back to reality, this is Deception!

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PREVIEW: @Khaos_Music – Deception EP

Recording Artist Khaos has been on a mission to become the Artist you NEED to pay attention to. With his “Deception EP” seeing a May 13th release, he has been receiving a huge following thanks to his 1st single “One Touch“, and the remix of Drake’sOne Dance” with Comedian/Recording Artist Andrew Trabass. In his preview video, he gives listeners a behind the scenes look into the creation of his project. The “Deception EP” is now available for pre-order on iTunes! Watch the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @Khaos_Music – Don’t (Remix)

You knew this was dropping next. After hitting your ears with the track, Khaos upped the ante with visuals for “Don’t (Remix)“. Directed by Sean Alaric and starring Felicia Ally, we see the two go on an evening stroll and interact with each other in fun ways. A dope remix and a smooth visual, expect Khaos’Deception EP” to be a top pick in your playlist very soon. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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