OLDIES SUNDAY: Calypso Rose – Come Leh We Jam (1977)

Today on Oldies Sunday, we look back at the Calypso Legend, Calypso Rose’sCome Leh We Jam“. Arranged/Produced by Pelham Goddard and Charlie’s Roots, this single was released in 1977 by CLO Records. The single was a part of her “Her Majesty: Calypso Rose” album which was released the same year, and was entered in the 1978 Trinidad Road March Competition. With her signature delivery, she speaks on the Soca music putting her in a wonderful place and prompting her to dance through it all. She also encourages unity in the dance with lyrics like “So leh we jam, jam, jam…“, “Jam together, Jam one another…“.

Come Leh We Jam” was not Rose’s first hit as she was an established Entertainer for many years, and also an award winning one as she was given the title of “Calypso Queen” for five straight years, and winner of the Trinidad Road March in 1977 and “Come Leh We Jam” gave her another win in 1978. She was the first woman to win the Trinidad Road March and the Calypso King competitions (the latter replaced “King” with “Monarch” after in her honour). After “Come Leh We Jam“, Calypso Rose went on to release many more singles (to date she has over 800 of them), albums (more than 20 to her name including her latest, “Far From Home“), and was bestowed with numerous awards over the years. She has even crossed over to Gospel music and has gained many more fans. With her delivery and sometimes sensuous lyrics, she continues to be an influence to many Artists.

Thank You Calypso Rose For Your Music!






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