Beyond The Music: @TheRoyalBlu & @TimForesta Speak On The Making Of “sinG with God EP”!

Recently, Recording Artist Royal Blu and Producer Tim Foresta finally released their long anticipated project, the “sinG with God EP“! Featuring 5 tracks, listeners were treated a mix of awesome lyrics, melodies, and production that will have you rocking and rewinding to catch the lines. Recently we got a behind the scenes look at the creative process with Blu and Foresta, more specifically the situations that led to the making of each track. Tune in!

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Art By: @TajFrancis

Track 1:Let’s Get High

Royal Blu: For “Let’s Get High”, I remember being in studio and one of my Engineers who helped with recording the session was intentionally smoking near the booth so it could aid in me capturing the feeling of the song (haha). Leno Banton and some of the REM crew was in the studio session as well, and they’re like the Ganja gurus. So it made even more sense.

Tim Foresta: “Let’s Get High” was a very interesting process. I only had this rough loop of the hook part of the beat. I had no clue where this could go, but it had a vibe, so I sent it to Blu. He then was able to write an entire song with three verses, hook, basically a whole arrangement on this simple loop. He sent it to me via voice note. I was blown away and it instantly became clear what kind of a song this will be. Within an hour most of the ideas you hear now came to my mind. That’s also what I like about working with Blu. The process doesn’t follow the simple pattern of I send a beat, he writes a song – done. It’s always different.

Track 2:Believe (ft. Lila Ike)

Blu: I haven’t really said this anywhere else, but the song “Believe” was actually written out of me being hurt. I had a song called “Wrote You This Song” that was originally set to be a part of this EP, but didn’t make the cut. It was the first song Foresta and I ever did, but we didn’t work in studio together for it. He was still in Germany. But basically, that song was about singing to my past self and letting him know that things get better in the future. Because the past self I was singing to at that time lost all the files for his song, the studio I was working with got ripped down, I was betrayed by friends, lost loved ones. It was a depressing time. So that energy carried over into writing “Believe” because I wrote those two songs very close together.

Foresta: Believe. In 2014 I was in South Africa shooting a Documentary about Zimbabwean refugees, living in the streets of Cape Town looking for work. It was an idea by director Thandi Sebe, who at the time wanted to write a Theatre play about it. Growing up in Cape Town, she always saw these groups of men gathering and always wondered who they were and what they do. So, while doing this Documentary I composed some music for it as well and this is where the idea for Believe came from. In the end I didn’t use that beat in the documentary, but interestingly enough the topic Blu found for it perfectly fits the scene of the film that inspired me coming up with it.

Track 3:Blu Mahoe

Blu: This song is probably my favourite song on the project because of the 2nd verse. I personally feel like that is in the top 5 best verses I’ve done in my life so far. It was also the first song where I didn’t see the words in my mind, but more like visuals of seeing the sunlight beam through some trees in a forest. It was very calming to write this song.

Foresta: Blu Mahoe, I believe that was one of those nights where I just would sit at home and play keys to find ideas for the EP. It kinda hit me instantly and the beat was basically done same night. Most of the time the idea of a beat is visualized in front of my inner eye with certain colour schemes. So what I do then is to match the sound according to the vision. Obviously I still changed stuff afterwards, recorded guitar (S/O to my man Sebastian Konkol), but the vibe remained the same. And lyrically what Blu did is just beyond…

Track 4:On The Side

Blu: I can say that this song was the hardest song for me to write. I find it hard to write Reggae songs in general because it’s such a spiritual thing. You can’t just force a song on a Reggae Riddim or else it won’t sound real. “On The Side” was actually the original name of the EP too. We literally changed it to “sinG with God” at the very last minute because it made more sense.

Foresta: On The Side. Honestly I can’t remember anything about the writing process for that one. It just entered my life and stuck with me. It doesn’t happen often that I come up with an idea for Reggae, but I definitely wanted a Reggae track on the EP… so there it was!

Track 5:sinG with God (ft. Runkus)

Blu: Every song Runkus and I do is like a big fun fact within itself (haha). Where do I start? Well, I actually recorded this song on my birthday, March 26th. It was such an amazing way to spend my birthday too, as well as it being a sad moment because that was the last song I ever recorded at that studio before my Engineer decided to move his equipment out. I also didn’t sit down and write this song with Runkus. I wrote way more and the song sounded way different in my mind before the actual day of recording. Runkus didn’t even let me hear his verse beforehand, and that’s fine because I know he’s a genius. And he also didn’t finish his verse until the day of recording (haha).

ForestasinG With God. I had this idea earlier this year only a few days before I went to Jamaica. It was a quick session, as I was still busy with my travel preparations. And I wasn’t in a good place at the time, so that definitely came from somewhere very deep. That beat draft inspired Blu & Runkus to find these words and melodies, and those again inspired me to take the idea where it is now after I returned to Berlin. The process of making the song was a very positive – very much in contrast to how I came up with the idea. So you see…duality is really a part of this song.

sinG with God is now available on iTunes!

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Art By: @TajFrancis

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