OLDIES SUNDAY: Karen Smith – Wide Awake In A Dream (1986)

This Oldies Sunday selection is for the lovers, and it comes from the “Songbird from Jamaica“, Karen Smith! Today we go back to the year 1986 with “Wide Awake In A Dream“. Produced by Clifton “Jackie” Jackson, this was a cover of a single that has been sung by the likes of Barry Biggs, The Blues Busters, Jerry Jackson, Lyn Collins, Vickie Anderson, and Ken Boothe. Once she stepped into recording mode, Smith added her own flair to the track as she expresses how she feels about the love of her life. A video was also shot for this single, and it was directed by Alfonso Walker (I remember seeing this video a lot growing up on local TV).

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Since her single, Karen Smith has released many more recordings over the years including the Albums “Everything I Need” in 1992, “I Still Love You” in 2012, and “Rush” in 2017. She can also be found performing at various Cabarets, Jazz events, and heard in various jingles. She can also be found showing her Daughter, upcoming Recording Artist Courtni the ropes, and performing with her. We hope you enjoyed our selection today, check out our previous Oldies Sunday selections and share with friends!


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