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Jahmuda Holds A Positive Vibe With “Life Eyes”!

Bless up! Give thanks for a new day. Today, Mobay based Recording Artist Jahmuda reminds us to give praises to the Most High and hold a positive vibe on new single, “Life Eyes“. Produced by Tipsy of TiPGOD Music and Krush Tyme Musik, Jahmuda knows that our lives are never easy, but lets us know that we should enjoy it to the fullest and give thanks to the Creator every time. We weren’t born with gold spoons in our mouths, but grab a cup, play some music, and be happy! Continue the trod and collect your blessings. Check out the track below, and show us some love on Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.

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2 thoughts on “Jahmuda Holds A Positive Vibe With “Life Eyes”!

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