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.@KingMoses1403 Holds The Faith And Keeps Moving Forward On “Hold My Own”!

Thank you Father God fi lead di way…

Sometimes in life, you have to just hold the faith and persevere through the all the roadblocks that fall at your path. In the end, all you have is yourself, and the Creator to guide you. Today, Recording Artist King Moses delivers a positive message with his new video, “Hold My Own“. Directed by Jon Cintron and shot in New York, Moses shares his life experiences where he had to be self sufficient. He also gives thanks to the Almighty for bringing him this far, and encourages more people to fend for self over the “Style Riddim” produced by WaveKing. We believe this one will motivate listeners as the days can be a struggle. While many have had bad experiences aligning themselves with others, sometimes it’s best to just go solo and avoid further conflict. What do you think of this? Check out the video below, and share with a friend. Show us some love/follow us on Twitter and Instagram at @13thStreetPromo.


13 thoughts on “.@KingMoses1403 Holds The Faith And Keeps Moving Forward On “Hold My Own”!

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