.@KxngIzem Gets Socially Conscious On “Pity”!

With all the craziness that affect our world on a daily basis, we really need to encourage more positive living and put out good energy out there. Recording Artist Kxng Izem (formerly Dmitri Izem) prays for good times with family and friends on “Pity“. With the single produced by Ten24 Music, Izem shares his observations of violence in his homeland, people studying evil, betrayal amongst friends and family, and folks portraying a clean character but are really terrible people on the inside. The video, which was directed by Vartex Studio and Lucid Production, finds friends getting together for a game of Dominoes, but ends on a tragic note where one was gunned down after a disagreement with another.

This is also Kxng Izem’s first outing since changing his name. When asked why the change, he explained that “Dmitri Izem” spoke towards a suppressed history in which we were once proud black African Kings that had our names replaced. The change to “Kxng Izem” pays tribute to the fallen ancestors and reclaim that black royal heritage.

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