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OLDIES SUNDAY: Eek-A-Mouse – Ganja Smuggling (1981)

It’s Oldies Sunday! Before “Chopping/Scamming” songs flooded the market, there were songs about the Ganja trade. Today’s selection comes from a pioneer of the “Singjay” style, Eek-A-Mouse with the track, “Ganja Smuggling“!

Produced by Henry “Junjo” Lawes and released through the Volcano Label in 1981, Eek-A-Mouse goes into details of his life in the Ganja trade. For a long time, many would find success in Marijuana before it became illegal, and those who participated had to find different means and ways to make it happen under the nose of Law Enforcement. Eek-A-Mouse shares his episodes of early morning harvests, loading up vehicles and Planes with the product, and enjoying the spoils of his work when the necessary deals were made. He found an escape from poverty in the Ganja trade, and with its rewards, he was able to support his family, and make life better for himself, and those around him.

Eek-A-Mouse enjoyed success with the “Ganja Smuggling” track as it quickly became popular in the Dancehall scene. “Ganja Smuggling” was featured on his 1981 album, “Wa Do Dem“, which spawned a few more hits for the Artist. “Ganja Smuggling” joins the list of tracks that shared details of life in the illegal Marijuana trade, and is still being played today, even in parts of the world where Marijuana and conducting business in Marijuana has been made legal. Eek-A-Mouse went on to enjoy success in music in the 80s and 90s, and today he can be found releasing and performing his music, and sharing his opinions on Social Media. He can be controversial, but he can only be him, and his fans celebrate him.

Thank You eek-A-Mouse For This Classic!

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Alwin Reingoud – “Sweet Dream” (1981)

Happy Sunday! Ready to get into some Old School vibes? Today, we’re gonna give you something different. For today’s Oldies Sunday selection, we head over to Suriname to check out Alwin Reingoud’sSweet Dream“!

Produced by Ricardo Tjon Akon and released through Tjonna Records in 1981, we get some Disco Funk vibes on “Sweet Dream”. During a time when other parts of the world wanted Disco to die, the Dutch West Indies showed that they could keep the vibe going with music that kept the people rocking. “Sweet Dream” possessed great production, lyrics, and melodies that the listener can’t help but dance to. “Sweet Dream” was described as a “Disco Killer“, and gained popularity thanks to various DJs playing it. As far as we know, “Sweet Dream” is Alwin Reingoud’s first of two releases, and it was included on a collaborative LP featuring Roy Ooft, and a “Boogie and Disco Funk” compilation. It gained some attention recently on TikTok, and has been considered a rare groove. Ready to boogie? Time to press play.

Thank You Alwin Reingoud For This Classic!

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Lady Ann – Informer (1981)

In recognition of Women’s History Month, we take the time out to feature Women who have made great contributions to our music culture. While we celebrate the Women all year over here, we recognize some through our Oldies Sunday section. Today’s selection comes from foundation Dancehall Artist Lady Ann a.k.a. the 1st Lady of Dancehall with the track, “Informer“.

Produced by Joe Gibbs and released through the Crazy Joe Label in 1981, Lady Ann calls out the many informants in her community as she is developing a relationship with her lover. She shares that while she gets closer to her man, there are those who are jealous of her relationship, and seek to let her father know of her dealings so that he can put a stop to it. Lady Ann’s “Informer” became a hit in no time, propelling her to become the first female Dancehall Artist to score a number one single. “Informer” was featured on Lady Ann’s sophomore album of the same name, and she became the first female Dancehall Artist to score a #1 single and album. The success from “Informer” gave Lady Ann an opportunity to tour throughout the US and Canada, in 1983 when she was the first female Deejay to earn the award for “DJ Of The Year“. “Informer” is nowadays recognized as Lady Ann’s biggest hit. There have been many female Dancehall Artists who have done historic things in their careers, but Lady Ann is a member of the first female Deejays to pave the way.

Respect To Lady Ann, Thanks For The Classic!

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OLDIES SUNDAY: Clint Eastwood X General Saint – Another One Bites The Dust (1981)

Hello everyone! We hope you’re staying safe out there. Today’s Oldies Sunday selection comes from Dancehall Recording Artists Clint Eastwood and General Saint with their track, “Another One Bites The Dust“! Released in 1981, the track was produced by Henry “Junjo” Lawes, and it was distributed through Greensleeves Records. The duo display great synergy here with their chanting, commanding presence, and wordplay that borrowed from various sayings and proverbs like “Kiss kitty K.Y. you minus plus…“, “You bend down Guava, you lick up syrup“, “Nothing done before its time“, and “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust…“. (Ask your Grandparents for meaning of these sayings. – Editor)

“Another One Bites The Dust”, which was inspired by the track of the same name by British Band Queen, was featured on Clint Eastwood and General Saint’s 1981 album, “Two Bad D.J.“. The track became a memorable one for them, and gives nowadays listeners a feel of a time when Dancehall was growing up. Today’s selection was inspired by news of the Saharan Dust making its way around the world, and Jamaica getting a fair share of it this week. With word that a second wave is near, we urge everyone to stay masked up just the same, and prevent getting sick from it, and also the Coronavirus.


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OLDIES SUNDAY: Sonya Spence – Let Love Flow On (1981)

In recognition of March being “Women’s History Month“, Oldies Sunday will be highlighting a few women who have made their contribution to the Jamaican music landscape in the early years. In our next selection, we  highlight the late Singer, Sonya (sometimes Sonja or Sonia) Spence. She was a part of the new wave of promising acts in the 1970s and 80s. Today we look back at her single, “Let Love Flow On“. Produced by Sonia Pottinger (Jamaica’s 1st female Producer) for High Note Records in 1981, this was featured on Spence’s “Sings Love” album that was released in the same year. With a blend of Funk, Reggae, and Soul, Sonya spreads her soft vocals all over the production, and will find you grooving with your favourite person.

While Sonia had a run that birthed a few popular tracks and the release of a few albums, the later days were not very kind to her as she developed a drug habit. She made appearances at various places including Schools (Editor’s note: She made numerous visits to Manchester high when I was a student there) where she would warn against drug abuse, and she’d lend her voice to a few persons along the way till she passed away in 2007.

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OLDIES SUNDAY (Christmas): @MrLevy411 & Trinity – I Saw Mommy Kissing A Dreadlocks (1981)

Hello December! It’s that favourite time for many, the Christmas Season! While many may have opinions on the season, or don’t wish to celebrate it, you can’t go wrong with remembering the real reason for the season, and the great music that pops up! On the first Oldies Sunday of December, we kick off a Christmas Edition, and the first selection comes from the legendary Barrington Levy! Remixing the Jimmy Boyd 1952 classic, “I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus“, Barrington drops “I Saw Mommy Kissing A Dreadlocks“! Released by Mic Productions and features Recording Artist/Producer Trinity, this song was featured on the 1981 Christmas compilation project titled, “Yard Style Christmas”! In the song Barrington sings about catching his Mother kissing a dreadlocked Santa Claus who stopped at his house because of a storm and brought greetings and gifts of Sensimilla (Marijuana) from Jah.

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