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Jamaican Artist Miguel Bell Debuts Manchester Based, “Shadow Trapped” Comic Series!

As a child growing up in Mandeville, Manchester, Miguel “The Drawtist” Bell was all about Art. His daily sketches caught the eyes of his peers and anyone who’d be interested. From his School days to adult life, he never stopped developing his skills. Recently, he leveled up by releasing his first official Comic Book series titled, “Shadow Trapped“! With a storyline originating in Mandeville, “Shadow Trapped” sheds light on a masked Serial Killer simply named, “Pinocchio Killer” and the various characters involved. Part one of the Comic follows main character Salem Smith and her encounter with the Serial Killer. Highlights of the Comic so far include Miguel’s alma mater, Manchester High School, its neighbouring Mandeville Plaza, and Villa Plaza. The Comic stands out as it’s one of the few in recent years that shares Jamaican origins.

The art style featured throughout the Comic is inspired by Japanese Anime, CreepyPastas, with edgy Manga titles. The Comic Book series is broken up into 3 parts with parts 2 and 3 releasing in the coming months. In the meantime, part 1 is available here, and if you wish to commission Miguel for artwork, you can reach out to him here.

Check out a preview below, and share with a friend. Follow @13thStreetPromo on Twitter and Instagram for more updates.

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NEW VIDEO: @TommyLeeSparta – Captain Sparta


Captain Sparta, is he a friend or a foe? Can he leap tall buildings in a single bound? We’ll just have to stay tuned. Tonight’s new music video comes from Tommy Lee. Titled “Captain Sparta” and directed by Mental Chung (Dutty Bwoy series), we all know about his controversial song so we now have a visual. Very nice graphics however, a mix of 3D, comic book styles and cartoon characters it sure is interesting. He also has children involved as well. What a weird looking Jimmy Neutron. Check out the video below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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NEW VIDEO: @Denyque – Supergirl

What’s up gang? Today’s post comes from a lovely singer by the name of Denyque. For those unfamiliar, she’s a pretty hot artiste in Jamaica who’s been consistent with the songs. Her output today is a music video for her current single, “Supergirl” which was directed by RD Studios Jamaica. In the video we see Denyque playing the role of the “nerdy girl” who works at a Coffee Shop along with a red haired female coworker who seems to bring her trouble in every way all while trying to be seen by a male love interest who happens to be their boss. The scenes are pretty good, the comic book elements are shown in a few and the song is a great listen. Click on the video above and share your feedback in the comments section.

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