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OLDIES SUNDAY: Gem Myers – One Man Woman (1986)

In recognition of Women’s History Month, we take the time out to feature Women who have made great contributions to our music culture. While we celebrate the Women all year over here, we recognize some through our Oldies Sunday section. Today, our selection comes from one of Jamaica’s greatest Vocalists, Gem Myers with her track, “One Man Woman“.

Produced by Fab 5 and released through Stage Records in 1986, Gem Myers makes it clear from the start that she has no time for entertaining conversations from other men, and no time for playing around as she’s a one man woman. No time for intimidation, exploitation, confusion, and the boderation, Gem can only deal with one person, and he is doing what he’s supposed to to keep her happy. In a time when people celebrate having multiple partners or playing games with people’s hearts, Gem is a woman who would be referred to as a “one burner”. “One Man Woman” was a popular single when it was released, and was the first track on her 1987 album of the same name. Since “One Man Woman”, she has went on to release more music before being a staple at various events over the years in Jamaica, the Caribbean, and parts of the world. We truly believe she’s an underrated Vocalist, and she should be celebrated more. We hope our article starts a conversation in the right direction.

thank you gem myers

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25DaysOfChristmas: Fab 5 – Welcome Home For Christmas (Day 22)

This for all the Jamaicans living overseas who managed to get their money together so they could come home for the holidays. Fab 5 gives a hearty welcome with their classic “Welcome Home For Christmas Day“. Really makes you feel at home when this is played and i’m sure it should be played on the next few Caribbean Airlines flights. Check out the song below and share your thoughts in the comments section.

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